Friday, October 15, 2010


Let me tell you. This guy... The one who is pictured below... The one who put that ring on my finger... The funny/cute guy roaming around my house usually looking for a snack...

Yeah HIM>

Well he both, keeps me sane and totally makes me crazy. Its a very strange balance and not one that's easily explained. I wont even try.
Well, he likes to hurt himself. NOW I'm not talking about intentionally. Its definitely not like he WANTS to hurt himself he just doesn't use the most common sense MOST of the time. Like when a pot is on the stove, he will touch it to see if its hot! HELLO. OR he is grilling and something starts to burn, instead of grabbing the cooking tools located RIGHT NEXT TO THE GRILL he grabs the meat with his bear hands! Or if we have tin foil dinners he will grab them right out of the fire. OR he will sharpen a knife then run it along his arm to see if its sharp enough to cut his arm hair off. OR he will CHEW the top of a soda can completely OFF. Or there was this one time he decided to weld something WITHOUT a mask on and burned his eyes. He couldn't see for over a week. This man is seriously so weird. He has learned more safety habits since being married to me since I SCREAM at him every time he does something like this. BUT he is still FAR from normalcy. I worried about Kenzie. I mean seriously- I can just imagine her running around with him. I would have been scared to death all the time. He is such a dare devil and fearless with MOST things.
(he can be a little girl in certain situations)
So the moral of the story- If it can ever get to it- without continuing to ramble. is.
As I came home from work, I'm walking to the house with arms full seeing Ryan finishing loading the truck for our last camping trip LIMPING. OMG. Now what. I feel bad because I see this so often I didn't seem very concerned and just said something like "what did you do now" in a kinda beastly tone. He was all nervous to tell me and skirted around the topic before he brought out his phone- TOTALLY shattered!
(BRAND NEW iPhone by the way)
I looked at the phone looked at him and got a bit worried. For a moment I was actually more worried about him than the phone :) I asked why he was limping. So apparently while loading the truck up, he fell out of it! Landed on his hip/knee crushing his phone and totally killing his knee. I rushed him inside and demanded him to take off his pants (don't get any dirty ideas) because he hadn't even looked at his knee yet.
It was HUGE. And purple and red and made me want to cry. I felt so bad. He couldn't really bend it.
A few years back he had knee surgery so I started getting hot/nervous with the thought of ME him possibly needing to go through that again (here is where the girlie-ness in him comes out). I demanded him to sit with ice and not move. He didn't listen. He kept following me around the house, limping like a 3 legged dog and apologizing for breaking his phone. Really I don't care about that. I would rather a broken phone than a broken husband (even if im a little peeved that we now have to fork out that $$ to get a new one cuz seriously once you go iphone you never go back). I kept getting upset because he wouldn't SIT. Finally I got him down-tylenol in him and trying to rest that knee. I figured if it didn't look better by morning we would go get it checked out. This morning, its still hurting him but he can walk without a limp. Its huge and puffy and bruised and looks like he grew some kind of crater out of it but will be fine.  We have so many injury's at our house, we have learned not to rush to the ER whenever anything happens because we can usually help it heal faster and better on our own. There have been a few needs for stitches but with a little glue (yes I said GLUE) and tape everything is as good as new!
Otherwise, we would be broke as a joke with medical bills.
Love you Ry Pie. Seriously though. Wait till I come home before you try to fly so I can catch you next time.


The Mac's House said...

LOL! Serious laughing so hard, at least you don't have a husband screaming at you while driving him to the ER saying "DRIVE FASTER GO THRU THE LIGHTS, I'LL PAY THE KITCHEN" while in pain from a kidney stone.

Now the hospital has moved closer to us, hmmmm wonder why because their #1 ER patient is right around the corner? LOL We are there less often.


Have a great camping trip!

Alerie said...

oh man this post made me laugh!! Not that he hurt himself, but just the things he had done. I hope Ryan's knee starts feeling better!!

Emma said...

You are too funny adn I so know how it feels to be almost annoyed by the dumb things they do to hurt themselves....can't they see it isn't a bright idea?! Hope Ryan feels better and glad he has a fantastic nurse-wife by his side to make him SIT!! Hugs, Em

Anonymous said...

Oh Kendra....this is the boy who learned to ride a two wheeler bike 6 weeks before his 3rd birthday..insisted that he was way to big for training wheels and all he wanted for that 3rd birthday was a skateboard. I was sure he would break his neck before he was five. Didn't break a bone till about 13....looks like he is catching up with all those injuries I thought he would have. If he was not so lovable and his smile did not light up a room, what to do with him....I love my boy!!!! Mom W.


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