Monday, January 4, 2010


back to reality today...
first day having to get up at 6 am
first day having to drive that drive and not drop makenzie off
first day talking to myself on that drive instead of talking to makenzie
first day going through the day not thinking about what makenzie was doing right now
first day doing anything i could to stay as busy as possible at work
first day i didn't rush home
first night after my first day of being back in reality

new years resolutions-
* have a party on the 13th every month to celebrate my daughters life
* plan a cruise
* plan our 1st annual vacation over july 18th
(we will take kenzie all over the world on her birthday every year)
* vegas trip
* sign up for classes - ah back to school
* finish kenzie's scrapbook
* work out more (isn't that every ones resolution, so lame)
* date my husband more
* smile more, smile at ryan more
* find more happiness and peace
* learn something new
* change someones life
* help someone in need
* volunteer
* keep kenzie's spirit, heart and light alive


Stacy said...

kendra - you don't know me from anyone else, but i am sending you hugs over the miles. i have not suffered a loss like yours, not even close, but i have lost the hope and dream. that first "day back" was horrible, so i feel for you. thinking about you! ~ stacy

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Jenni said...

Those are wonderful New Years Resolutions, Kendra. Life, I'm sure, will never feel "normal" again. I hope that this year you can find a new "normal" that you and Ryan are at peace with. Lots of love...

michelle snarr said...

Your New Years resolutions sound fantastic and I know you will keep every one of them...well, maybe not the working out one...we all break that one at some point or another! :) I hope you feel the love of everyone around you everyday. Way to start out the new year with such positive heartfelt goals. I can't wait to read your blog about your trips.

Alerie said...

I love your goals for the new year. Especially the one about taking an annual trip July 18th to take Makenzie around the world. I am sure she will LOVE that, it is such a good idea. I am sorry that today didn't feel normal and that is was probably not very easy for you. I am always praying for you. Much love!!

Linds said...

These are great resolutions-and you are right-everyone wants to be a little more active :)

I love vacations-it's funny because I wanted to go on a cruise this year too!

Chels said...

You have already changed many peoples lives for the better. By your courage and strength, you have definately changed mine. Forever grateful, Chelsie

Chanse and Janell said...

Hey Kendra!
I haven't commented in a while, sorry. I hope all is well. You've got some great resolutions! Happy New Year! Much love xoxo

Annie said...

Kendra- you don't know me but your blog inspires me to be a better person. I have not gone through any of the tough stuff but to know that you can survive this makes my bad days seem like nothing.

The Call's said...

Kendra- I agree with Chelsie. Your blog inspires me! I think you are such an amazing person (just reading through your blog) I hope you are able to find some peace this year and enjoy Makenzie's spirit! You and your husband will be in my family's prayers.


jgeefamily said...

You don't know me but because of your blog, I find myself hugging and kissing my children a little more, catching my tongue before I say something I might regret later, telling the ones I love that I love them more often, basking in the moment that I might have just brushed off before, not taking the everyday for granite, and being careful not to judge people I do not know. I just wanted you to know, you and Kenzie have changed me and I am forever grateful....thank you for your strength!!

kjanedesigns said...

I love your idea of the annual vacation on Kenzie's birthday!! I have no doubt she'll be with you every new place you visit!

Unknown said...

I know you don't know me but I think of you all the time. Because of you I am a better mother, wife and friend. Your story has inspired me in so many ways. I hold my children more, I live in the moment, I let the ones I love know that I love them more. You can cross off "to change someones life" off of your new year resolution list. You have done that for me.


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