Sunday, January 31, 2010


my brother Ben was able to stop by for a visit on his way to the Pentagon for a meeting.
We had a great time:
hanging out with family
going for coffee
running around town
bike shop
***(yes he shopped with me, hes a great sport, what do you expect he lives with 5 girls?!)
watched movies
more coffee breaks
i miss my brother so much esp. since he lives half way around the world in Korea. He is such an amazing brother and is always there to listen to my crazyness. He will be moving to Washington state in August!!! Whoo Hooo...
It will be nice to have him and his family on this side of the world for a few years.
I cant wait to see his girls-
M=11 yrs
Y=9 yrs
B=5 yrs
D=2 yrs


Summer said...

Yay! I'm so glad your brother is moving closer to you. I know how much you missed him and wished he was closer. You always look like a supermodel. I wish I could look at stylish as you on a snowboard in all the gear, or in anything for that matter. Kendra, you are absolutely amazing!!

Anonymous said...

NOTHING better than FAmily
Love mom


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