Wednesday, December 30, 2009

oh kendra, you're losing it

so i was watching tv this morning, it was some dumb show i really wasn't paying much attention to it while trying to fold our clothes (by the way- 1 month + little to no laundry being done = hours and hours of fun for me) anyway.... i happen to catch the lady talk about taking her daughter to get her 4 month shots.... what the....
i don't know what came over me but i started freaking out because makenzie never got her 4 month shots. she was scheduled to get them done the week after she was checked into the hospital so she never made it to the appointment. they told me she would get them when she was checked out of the hospital.
i got so flustered, tried to call ryan- realized he forgot his phone today... started to call her pediatrician. then my brain kicked in. HELLO!
really really, i don't think her Rotavirus, Polio (IPV) or DTaP shots are really needed now.
ohhh kendra- you're seriously losing it.


brigette said...

Oh how to well I can relate!! If you ever want to talk my email is I'd love to chat!

starnes family said...

You're not losing it. You're doing wonderfully. Hang in there.


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