Friday, July 10, 2009


My whole world!

I know within the next few days/weeks this blog will be filled with nothing but our new little MRW so I figure I have to post as much as possible about my better half now.

Ryan has been so amazing through this whole crazy pregnancy. Although I have been a little bit of a crazy one he is always right there to calm me down and make me feel better. Anytime I don't feel well or when I'm extra tired he steps up without question and does anything and everything I need. Even though I have gone a little crazy sometimes with what I want and buying things for MRW he just smiles and gets excited right along with me. Although I have been having anxiety about everything under the sun esp. working full time, going to school (I hope full time) and being a wife and mother Ryan always makes sure to let me know he is here for me and will do anything I need to make it easier on me. I can always count on my Ry to tell me he is proud of me- even if I only got a C in one of my classes :)
Now that we are down to the last few days of being a no strings attached newlywed couple to having a FAMILY, I just cant believe how lucky I am. Ryan is going to be an amazing Dad. He proves that to me over and over everyday.
*** quick story*** last weekend I was getting ready before the bee's game and I heard a kid screaming outside. Before I could think twice our front door slammed. I looked out our bedroom window to see Ryan go over to this new little boy in our neighborhood who was sitting on the ground. He knelt down next him and was talking to him for a minute. They then stood up and the little boy grabbed his hand and they walked down the street. When Ryan finally came back in I asked what happened. He told me the little boys Mom just walked down to the pool to get his brother and Teonte (Little neighborhood boy) just got really upset and was throwing a fit. He said he just walked him down to his Mom who kept telling him, Thank you so much I was watching him the whole time and I was coming right back he has just started throwing those fits lately.
Since last Saturday Teonte has now been keeping his eye out for Ryan because anytime we open our door to let the dog out- Teonte runs over. He is usually disappointed when its me and not Ryan so I have been making Ryan go out there to just to say hi.
Not only is he amazing being my husband and a soon to be baby Daddy but he is just an amazing person. Ah I love my hubby.
~~~ What Ryan's been up to lately?
- Work Work Work... Although this economy is rough and his company is feeling it they are pushing through and working their butts off to make up for lost $$. I hate to think about him sweating to death in the hot warehouse he works in but I am so grateful he has such a great company to work for and great people he works with.
- Mr. fix it! Aside from the baby's room we have had quite a few things around the house that have caused some issues lately. Good thing Ryan is patient and likes to get his hands dirty because I have said numerous times just throw it away and we'll get a new one- agghhh! Nope, Ryan has always fixed it and makes it work better than when we bought it brand new!
- Cooking MASTER... I have been pretty good about keeping up with cooking dinner throughout my pregnancy but esp. lately I have just been so sleepy when I come home I cant imagine standing for any longer to cook dinner so Ryan always whips up some new recipe and its always amazing... mmmmm....
- Day dreaming about HUNTING! Okay this boy seriously cant wait to get back on the mountain. He is counting down the days until he finally gets to go. I'm super nervous because the opening of the hunt is just a few weeks after my due date. AHH... Who knows when MRW will come and how she will be- I'm so nervous to be left alone with her. I got upset the other day but Ryan assured me that if I was still that worried Mid. August he wouldn't go. Ahh big sigh. Like I would really ever stop him from going (I seriously never would)- its just comforting to know he really would do anything for me- which includes postponing a hunting trip. HOLY COW... that's huge :)
So My Ryan- Thank you for being you. Thank you for giving me the oppertunity to be a Mother and your Wife. I cant wait until MRW graces us with her presence and we can spend the rest of our lives growing old together as a family of 3 + Harley. You are my hero in every way- I love you!


Robin said...

can i borrow him for when I get pregnant! lol I love you RYAN!

Esther said...

You guys are so cute! I love to read about what people love about their spouse.
I can't wait for your MRW to get here :)

Linds said...

You two are the cutest little couple. I'm so super excited for you. Thank you for being great examples of supporting spouses.

Jared and Laura said...

What a sweet tribute to the hubby...sounds like a great guy!


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