Wednesday, July 8, 2009

the last few days...

14 days!
I can’t believe how close I am to meeting my daughter.
This weekend was definitely a great one. I took Monday and Tuesday off so I could have a nice long weekend to get all the last minute things ready for our baby.
What we have done:

* Friday night we were lucky enough to get tickets from my boss to the REAL game! Ryan brought his 2 friends Dallas and Tatum and we all had a blast!
* Saturday - Happy 4th of July!!!
We got breakfast at our favorite diner by our house called Sills. We then did a little shopping for Ryan’s upcoming hunting trip next month and bought some new toys and bones for Harley so she can keep herself busy for a little while after the baby comes.
I have been feeling really sick the last few days and it really hit me on Saturday :(
We went to the Bee's game that evening with my Mom, Jesse, Josh, Olivia and Jesse's daughters. We always have a great time going to this every year- the only prob. this year- they had like 4 extra innings which made the game end at almost midnight!!!! The only reason we stayed is because we had to watch the fireworks after the game. I usually love baseball games but this one went a little too long.
* Sunday was a very relaxing day because all I did was SLEEP! I have never been one to sleep in or take naps and I did both. Again I wasn’t feeling great so that def. had something to do with it. Once it Sunday evening rolled around and really NOTHING got done, I felt a little useless so I made Ryan take me to the pool for a swim.
* Monday I took the opportunity to finally use my Christmas present from my boss. It was a Mani/Pedi at Brickyard Spa. AHHH- I was in heaven for 2.5 hrs!!! I then did a little shopping at a new found favorite place - Tai Pan Trading. I have only been to this place once and I was in and out in like 5 min. to pick something up for my wedding. It was so much fun looking at all the decor and dreaming what I would like to do in my house. For right now- they are all staying dreams though.
* Tuesday was my weekly doc. apt. Other than having a rough morning and being 20 min. late it went great. I am on my way and have progressed a little. NOT as much as I would have liked (Lets face it, I secretly wished he would say WOW... You’re in labor and Im ready to check you into the hospital right now) sigh... oh well...
Ryan's birthday is 2 days before my due date and he is turning 25. Its kind of a milestone so I had to make sure we did something fun. Im throwing his party this weekend so its early enough the baby most likely wont be joining us. After my doc. apt I did a big shopping trip for not only his party but stocked up on anything we might need so we don’t have to worry about going to the store for a few weeks after the baby is born. When Ryan got home from work I took him to pick out his bday present and have dinner.
At one point he had really nice sunglasses but lost them a few years ago. I have been freaked out to buy him a new pair because I don’t like spending $200 + dollars on something he will lose. I finally gave in and he got a brand new pair of Oakley’s~ Oh lucky lucky boy.

Now 2 weeks until my due date I am feeling very very pregnant and sleeping is almost impossible right now. I have finally been able to find a some what comfortable place at night- it at the foot of the bed. Ryan is not very happy about this because he has to be very careful not to kick me in the face but I seriously can’t sleep in any other position or any other place.
I’m so anxious for our daughter but I know she isn’t ready yet. She already knows when she is coming so I just keep telling myself to be patient and relax. It will be here before I know it and at some point (prob. in the middle of the night) ill be thinking, ah remember when she was still in my tummy :)


Chanse and Janell said...

You are one busy lady!!
Hang in there Kendra, you're so close!

Robin said...

I cannot wait for the baby to come either. It sounds like you have been really busy and I love Tai Pan just the other day I was saying that I wanted to go there for some shopping. I still have a few blank walls at my house. Maybe like one or two but still. Anways were still planning on coming out for the bday party. its going to he one hell of a long drive lol! but we will be there. love you

Tara Bennett said...

Just reading this post gives me that anxious feeling I had when I was so close to meeting Miss Chloe! I cannot wait to meet your special little girl ~ and to see you as a mom. You will be such a great mom!

We are definitely coming tomorrow night! We've got lots to do on our house, so we might be late, but we will definitely be there. Can't wait to see you and give you a present for little girl!!!


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