Wednesday, August 6, 2008

our new house in our old house

Since the market is so horrible right now we have decided not to move! We had an offer but it was so much under what we are asking I couldn't help but laugh. The other townhouses around us are having the same problem. When we thought we would move it was to mainly save on gas and be closer to work and school. Our plan was to get a cute house to get ourselves settled for only about 3-4 years until I graduate and then we would see where our careers and lives took us from there. Just like everything else in the world plans change. We are staying in our adorable townhouse in our amazing neighborhood. I am actually very excited because we have such a fun area that is so peaceful. Its right on the mountain with great views! It may be a little far for us but its not that bad. We now know every side street in Davis county so we can navigate around town when there is traffic. People are starting to warm up to us and our dog and we have actually made some friends! Since we are staying we decided to make our place just how we want it because it can def. use some an update. We saved some money to put improvements on our new house but since we are not moving its the perfect opportunity to give our place a face lift.
First- WINDOWS! We got them installed about a month ago and I love them. They are the highest quality and actually are tinted so its great when the sun is coming up in our bedroom and we don't get cooked out.
Second- PAINT! We have officially lost the horrible paint job by the last residents- They really didn't know how to match colors.

Third- NEW FURNITURE! Couch, Entertainment center, Kitchen table and the latest as of last night- NEW WASHER AND DRYER!
Fourth- Kitchen! We are in the process of a total revamp! Its going to look great with new counter tops.
Fifth- CARPET! We already tiled the kitchen and baths so now its time for new carpet or hardwood floors. We have not decided yet. We went to look at prices yesterday and we narrowed down the different styles and colors we like.
Sixth- MANS ROOM! My adorable hubby has some interesting yet not fashionable animals that his dad, grandpa and he killed. For example coyote, mountain lion, bobcat and of course deer. He is very proud of them and I really wanted him to have them somewhere in the house. As of right now we have an extra family room in the basement and everything is down there but there isn't much else other than a poker table, love sac, couch mini fridge and the animals! So Ryan is making a Bar with a built in fridge (He really can make everything) We are getting a TV and surround sound and its going to be his "MAN ROOM"
We have some other little things here and there that we are doing like new lights in every room, knobs, faucets, toilets, etc. We are very excited to get this going. We are half way through right now and are taking things slow since it is a big project and we are being smart about where the moneys being spent :) I cant wait till its all done- We have at least 3-4 more years here and it leaves us with plenty of growing space (Just in case)

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ML said...

Sounds like fun! I love decorating my house and changing paint colors. I would probably do it more often if it didn't mean that I would have to repaint. My husband isn't much of a painter.


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