Monday, August 4, 2008

Life with and without kids!

I love kids. I really cant wait until we start our family but having kids stay with you for a while really puts things in perspective as to how much you need to grow and be prepared for when you have children of your own. They don't ever go home :)
I cant complain, Devlin and Teagan are great kids but they are kids and much time, money and energy is put into them every minute they are with us. We are always trying to exercise their minds and imagination. We have so many activities and adventures we try to do with them so they can experience the world! Growing up with 9 other siblings. It was impossible for my parents to give us the same opportunity. I remember my sisters and brothers really reaching out to Jonathan and I. We were so lucky to have them in our life. Visits to the Lake, food world, penny wise, sleepovers, lunch dates, Halloween, spilling water, hedgehogs, dogs, hook and ladder, snakes and the red rocks. I couldn't have survived without them. No matter how much we love our nieces and nephews when they go home just for a short while we sigh a little with relief- then about 10 min later we start missing them like crazy again :)
Well after this weekend Ryan and I decided we needed to go out. Its not often we go out just the 2 of us for a "Date" I miss our dress up dates where we would eat at nice places, watch movies, walk around and not care what time it is. Responsibility seems to grow with age! Ah so not fair. I think we should all stay children for forever. Its great we surround ourselves with family and friends to do keep us grounded and help us realize we really are young and its time to have all the fun we can! Trips, Dates, Party's and Newlyweds is where we are. How lucky am I!

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