Monday, August 4, 2008

Heber Days

It was Heber days and we had Teagan and Devlin so we headed up to have some fair fun! I have said before that my sweet hubby really wants to move to a small town. I am not a small town person. I would love to live were I am in Fruit Heights and have land but I need to be close to not only family but shopping centers and entertainment. I don't have a very big imagination. Heber sure is growing but its still not a very big city. My family used to live here and we joke about how some of the people act when we go back. NOT everyone is like this but a few people we ran into were what some would categorize as small town "folk" Talking loudly about a person standing right next to them! There is no sense of time so everyone drives 15 MPH, walks like they are lost and serves you business like you have all the time in the world to wait. Maybe I need to put the breaks on and live in a small town and learn to slow things down. I live everyday with a lead foot. Faster, Now and not enough time is how my days are spent :)
We had fun at the fair though. Other than bad food and over priced rides it turned out great. Devlin and Olivia got their faces painted- Devlin was a rainbow tiger and Olivia was a rainbow zebra. They sure look really cute!

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