Wednesday, July 31, 2013

10 Month Favorites

Playschools Step Start Walk n Ride: I picked one of these up at goodwill thinking Tracker might like it at some point. I had no idea he would love it and use it as much as he does. I think any sort of walker like this is awesome. We bought Tracker an actual walker- the kind he sits in. and he hates it. Really he will only semi tolerate it when he is outside in it. But with the Walk n Ride he can cruise anywhere he wants. He can pull himself up and take off.

Shopping Cart Cover: I am all about the cart covers. I am disgusted when he tries to suck on the bars. Seriously why does he want to do that every time? and since Tracker has now had 2 viruses that are pretty nasty ones from people not washing their hands this is one of the many things I'm trying to be proactive about to ensure he doesn't catch another virus. On top of it making the whole shopping process more sanitary they make it more comfy as well since its padded. They are super easy to take on and off and I usually throw mine in the washer every other week.

Banana Flavored Snack: I had to put this on here because these bad boys are Trackers absolute favorite. However I have only been able to find them at the Asian market in Tacoma. Seriously! My sister in law got him addicted to these Korean treats so we stalked up when we were in town but he has since gone through them. and now he is sad. and so am I since they are actually pretty good. So if you ever see a bag of these- snatch it up. 

Baby Banana: I guess we are loving the banana stuff this month. I got the Baby Banana a few months back for Tracker but he has just recently started using/playing with it. I love it because its a toothbrush and he loves it because it feels good on those sore gums. WIN! The little banana peels are designed so they cant stick it to far back in their mouth and its all rubber so its not something I am super worried about giving him when we are in the car or when he is crawling around the house with it in his mouth like a puppy.

Honest Diapers and Wipes: I started using the Honest products a few months back. Fell in love with the lotions, soaps, cleaning products, etc. I was a bit more hesitant to get the diapers because they seemed expensive. After doing more research and breaking down the cost. The honest diapers are really to much more expensive than ordering a box of huggies or pampers off amazon along with some wipes. But the best part is these products are all eco-friendly, non toxic and chemical free. After getting my first month of diapers/wipes I was hooked. The first diaper rash Tracker got that I tried to wipe and he didn't scream his bloody head off- I realized these wipes are a dream. They don't burn his poor little bum. and if we are going to talk about another important feature- the prints are adorable. Now I'm sure you are wondering who cares if a diaper is cute?! Really- no one. but when Tracker is sporting his T-shirt and diaper only on those super hot days- I don't feel like he is really in just a diaper, Its kind of like I got him dressed :)
If you are interested in getting a sample or ordering the full on package click HERE...

Playskool Poppin Park Elefun Busy Ball Popper: Okay can that name be any longer? Geesh... So this was a Christmas present from Santa for Tracker. Not sure why I was certain he needed anything for Christmas since he hasn't been interested in any of the stuff we bought until many months later but whatev. but I'm glad he got this. He pushes the button to turn it on and gets excited when the balls start popping up. He pulls them out of his trunk and then stuck them back in. I love that its helping with his hand/eye coordination and he is having fun as well.


Mdcermott said...

would LOVE to see an updated pic of your little man!!!

Ginger said...

Kendra, I emailed you about some leggings I have but have not gotten a response. I used the email address I found in an old blog post so it might not be correct. Could you please email me at the address to send these to? Thanks!

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