Tuesday, July 16, 2013

9 Month Favorites

Honest Healing Balm: I started slowing introducing some of the Honest products a few months ago by trying their samples. I soon became obsessed. Their stuff is all natural and doesn't have any harsh chemicals or toxins that you would be surprised to find in other baby items. They have everything from diapers to toothpaste. Tracker has had some bad diaper rashes. This stuff is like a dream. I used it once while he had a bad rash and I didn't think it did any better than any of the other creams I was trying but maybe that one day was a fluke because I tried it again and his rash was gone the next day. I have since only used this whenever he gets a rash and its honestly gone within hours. I also used it for weird thing I had on my skin and it cleared it right up.
If you want to try the Honest products go here.

Ikea Vessla Storage Crate with Casters: I love this storage container. It was especially handy in our move. It holds a lot of stuff but isn't to big an bulky. It has wheels which is awesome as well as a lid. Its super easy to stack. I packed a lot of Trackers things into these and it was so easy to take in and out of places. The best part is they are cheap. Score!

See Kai Run Smaller: These shoes are some of my favorites. Babies learning to walk are not suppose to have bulky soles but so many of the soft sole shoes seem to be too soft and slippery. I love that these have little traction pads on the bottom. They are so easy to get on and off. Tracker has fat feet so its hard finding shoes that fit him but these fit awesome. They stay on his feet even when he tries to kick them off which NO other shoe does.

Hylands Teething Tablets: I bought these when we were going through the terrible week of 4 teeth popping through hoping they would help this boy. They must be miracle pills because they totally worked. I would give him 3 when he started to fuss and hold onto his mouth and it was almost immediate that he would stop. They have saved me!

Sophie Giraffe: I could have posted about Sophie for months now. We love her but what kid doesn't? I haven't added her until now because she has become Trackers BFF this last month. He has been more obsessed with her than ever. He chews on her but more than that he waves her around making her squeak like crazy. Its hilarious to watch because he gets so into it. This is definitely a toy to buy when they are young though and it will last a while.

Fisher Price Monkey Dancing Bandstand: This was so generously gifted to us by the Allens (thanks again guys ;) It has to be the most annoying toy. Okay maybe not the most annoying but its over stimulating to me. BUT Tracker is obsessed. He seriously plays with this toy more than any other toy he has x10. I do love how much fun he has playing with it. I love that he can pull himself up and stand and keep playing. I love that he can play with the mat and still have it make noise and light up. As much as we don't LOVE this toy its not about us. It makes our boy so happy.

Ella's Kitchen Squeeze pouches: Although I make the majority of Trackers food, I don't make it all. If we are going on a trip or ill be out and about all day I don't take the food I have made because that stuff has to stay in the refrigerator and I worry to much about how long its left out. I love Ella's meals and so does Tracker. Some of the combinations don't sound all that appetizing (like spinach, apples and rutabagas) but they end up being really good. I don't know if you are like me but I try all of Trackers food. Honestly I don't want to feed him something I wouldn't eat myself.
Ella's is all natural and organic.

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