Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekly Roundup: week 25

.Sticks his tongue out most of the day
.Sitting up better and better
.Likes to sit in the bath rather than lay and he loves to splash
.Mum is soaked after every bath
.Holds stuff in his mouth like a puppy
.Mum had to go to a workshop during the day so Aunt A and Grandma took turns watching Tracker
.It was one of the longest weeks ever
.Mum couldn't stop thanking Dad for letting us be home together every other day
.Introduced pears and banana flavored oatmeal
.Has been sleeping amazing this week- going to bed around 8-8:30pm and not waking until 5-6am
.Definitely getting those teeth in and they are hurting- but they haven't poked through quite yet
.Visit from the Allen's
.First time we went to the Children's museum
.Weather was perfect on Saturday so we had lunch outside on a picnic table
.Loves chewing on Mum and Dads chin
.Naps are becoming more routine
.Starting to HATE being in his car seat and in the car
.As much as I have tried to resist the boy loves TV
.When he is pooping he doesn't make as many noises as he used to (call me crazy but I'm kinda sad about it. They made me laugh)
.JUMPS in his jumper
.When he is eating solids he is wanting to eat more and isn't satisfied with the amount he used to eat
.Discovered his first bruise- I almost had a heart attack- its on his knee and tiny but how the heck did he get it? Could be from the toys he swings around. I can say he has whacked me hard enough to leave bruises a few times but that doesn't make me feel better. I don't know what I'm going to do when he is big enough to actually fall down and ill be discovering new marks on his all the time. I need to wrap him in bubble wrap.

February 24
168 days old

February 25
169 days old

February 26
170 days old

February 27
171 days old

February 28
172 days old

March 1
173 days old

March 2
174 days old

Life is Good!


Lisa F said...

I love the 'milk drunk' picture. :)

Anonymous said...

Too sweet for words.


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