Monday, April 30, 2012

Leggings and Cookbooks

I just wanted to thank EVERYONE that has purchased one- or a few- of our cookbooks!
It has been amazing to see the support in our efforts to get baby T here.
Everything can be so expensive and we are thankful for so many people that have wanted to help us.
We have TONS of cookbooks left (seriously a closet full) and we are always thinking of the next project we can do to help raise awareness and funds in honor of our Makenize. This year will be our 3rd annual Live, Laugh, Breathe fundraiser in July. My Mom wanted to take charge this year and with everything going on I have been so very thankful for her support. She is planning a 5k walk/run in the West Valley City area. There will be a lot more details to come so stay tuned!
I am also still actively collecting baby leggings to donate to Primary Children's hospital in December. If you don't remember my goal is to deliver at least 2000 pairs of leggings on December 13th! Holy Moly. So far I have about 200 leggings donated so we still have a long way to go. I will be putting up a link on my blog to talk more about the leggings but in the mean time I wanted to let you all know that we have decided that starting today all cookbook sales will go directly to the leggings project!!! This is huge people! We have a long way to go with these leggings and we need every ones help.
If you purchase a cookbook from the side of my blog you will get an amazing cookbook full of yummy recipes but you will also be helping make a child's day with the leggings!
I would love if you could pass the word along to as many people as possible so we can get as much support for the leggings as possible. If you want to donate the leggings themselves I am always happy to get those! Please email me at to get the address to send them.
Remember you can buy them already made or you can make them with the tutorial HERE.
Thank you all again for all your encouragement and support.


Britnie said...

Hey Kendra, I thought it may be worth putting on your blog, there is a website called which has leggings very reasonalby priced. They are 7.50 each pair, but the more you spend, the more you save, so if you buy 10 pairs, it would normally be 75.00 but on their website if you spend 75.00 or more, you get 50 percent off - so it's 39.00 for 10 pairs! Plus, they have free shipping. I thought maybe some of the readers of your blog who don't sew would be able to order some for your cause that way :)

Maine Baby Treats said...

Hi Kendra-

I am sure you are aware of this other little princess named Avery who has SMA. In any event, I wanted to email you a link to her FB account!/AverysBucketList

Like you and Ryan, her family is doing an amazing job at making other aware of SMA.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kendra! I really really want to order a cookbook, but my husband lost his job in Feb, so funds are really tight for us. My new goal--as cheap as it sounds...saving my pennies for a cookbook and material to sew some leggings to send you! :-)


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