Sunday, March 25, 2012

The past 2 weeks

We have been trying to keep ourselves busy the last few weeks with the amazing weather we have been having. Other than it being windy it has been some-what warm and sunny.
We have spent as much time outside as possible soaking it up before the Utah weather changes again and we find ourselves back to winter in June like last year :)
The last 2 weeks in a few pictures...

harley meeting a horse and becoming instantly in love
harley chasing balls
jazz basketball game in amazing seats
green beer for ryan. churro for kendra
happy st.patricks day for our muffin
snuggling with toys
bike rides around the neighborhood
mountain biking
naps after long bike rides
not pictured
corn beef and cabbage for st.patricks day
lots of dinners with family
playing board games for hours laughing harder than we have in a long time
visiting baby stores
breakfast dates with my mum
lunch dates with friends
becoming a bit obsessed with draw something on our phones
walks to the park
date nights at home watching movies and eating junk
working overtime
ryan using his smoker constantly
growing a baby

Life is good.


Unknown said...

Yea! Your life sure looks good, I love Harley's hiking shoes! You guys are the best parents!


Robin said...

So happy that you're happy! Praying for you always!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of the weather the country has been having! Here in OR it has been back and forth so much it is like the Twilight Zone! We had in the 60s weather 1 day, then it snowed a few later! Crazy!
But I am so happy that you guys were able to enjoy some things outside. Harley's little shoes are just adorable!


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