Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Happenings

Without fail every week for... a while now... I have one night I wake up at like 1:30am and cant go back to sleep. I lay there and try everything. After a while my mind starts to wonder and we all know that isn't good. I get all these weird scenarios in my head, I tell myself silly stories, then I start thinking the worst of every situation. Ah its kind of annoying. This morning I just got up and decided to get some stuff done. Sorry but the wee hours of the morn. is not the time to be doing anything because you cant be quiet enough to keep your husband asleep. So I sit here in the dark, blogging :)
Good Morning to all who is already awake!

To update you a little on our happenings...

Ryan is going to start school. Kendra is not.
Ryan is nervous for school. Kendra is nervous for Ryan to go to school.
Ryan is working his butt off getting a lot of overtime. Kendra is just working.
Ryan has been busy picking up some side jobs to earn some extra money and Kendra is writing the invoices for them.
Ryan has been feeling good. Kendra has been feeling good. Woohoo!
Ryan has been moving stuff to the storage unit. Kendra carries the light boxes and holds the doors.
Ryan has been obsessed with pickles lately. Kendra is worried Ryan might be the one pregnant.
Ryan is already counting the days until the hunt. Kendra is counting the days until baby.
Ryan went snowboarding. Kendra went shopping.
Ryan is reading the newspaper. Kendra is reading children's books.
Ryan got new work boots. Kendra is happy Ryan isn't crying about his feet hurting.
Ryan likes to eat. Kendra likes to cook.
Ryan has gone out with his friends. Kendra has gone out with her mom.
Ryan got tickets to a Jazz game. Kendra was his date.
Ryan is sleepy all the time. Kendra is getting energy back. Things are getting back to normal.
Ryan doesn't like watching movies at home. Kendra has been making Ryan watch movies at home.
Ryan loves Iggy's. Kendra has now thrown up both times they have gone there in the past month.
Ryan has been dancing. Kendra loves to watch that boy dance.
Ryan is the worst at draw some. Kendra is the best.
Ryan has been thinking of boy names. Kendra has been thinking of boy names.
Ryan wants a boy but thinks its a girl. Kendra is kind of hoping for a girl but thinks its a boy.
We both really don't care what we have as long as we can keep them forever.
We are both really nervous for this baby but so excited at the same time.
We both agree babies take too long to cook. Dogs are only pregnant for like 6 weeks.
We are both sad the Walking Dead is over until fall.
We are both anxious for nicer weather.
We are starting to help plan the Live, Laugh, Breathe fundraiser in July.
We are collecting Leggings.
We are selling cookbooks- slowly. Want one? You can order one to the right of my blog.
We are trying to rent out our condo STILL. Its super cute. Great neighborhood in Fruit Heights UT. Its close to Hill Air Force Base but not far from downtown SL. Its 3-4 bedroom and 2.5 bath. over 1700 sq ft. and we are allowing pets. If you know someone interested go to to schedule a walk through. Any help passing the word on would be so much appreciated.

So pretty much to sum up. Ryan is working hard all day long and I am just there :)
It has felt like we have been busy but its been with nothing too exciting. Just regular everyday stuff. We are anxious for some change. We are ready to move onto the next chapter of our lives and right now it just feels like we are stuck. Do you know that place? Where you have pretty much made all your decisions but nothing is coming of it yet. You cant really do anymore to push it along. You just have to wait. and when you wait you second guess yourself for every decision you are making. Its really annoying. Poor Ryan is so tired of my daily phone calls asking if he is sure we are doing the right things. I look back and remember making certain decisions and feeling like they were the right ones to make yet turned out to have some not so good outcomes. Its just so hard to know what you are suppose to do. Being a grown up isn't fun sometimes. Its hard to look at others that are established and got their crap together. I know their life isn't perfect and I'm not expecting mine to be. Its just nice when you are on the right path in life and things are getting done and you are seeing accomplishments and growth. I have felt we keep running in circles. Getting nowhere fast. Everything from our children to education to money to friends to our own health to money again to jobs to a career to our house to renting...
The only thing I do know that is right all the time is Ryan. Being with him. Loving him. I have to stop and remember that is a big thing and not to be taken for granted. I am thankful beyond words for God putting him in my life. He is the best thing to ever happen. I still pinch myself knowing I will go to bed and wake up next to that man everyday. He is forever. and I don't ever forget to thank God for him. He is the constant. He is the right path. Oh how I love him.
So that sums our happenings. Its still to early to be up. I'm now getting sleepy. and hungry.
Happy Wednesday.


Andrea said...

This is my fifth pregnancy (third live one) and I am always amazed at how fast it goes after I get in the second trimester. However, I am always amazed at how slow it seems to go in the first trimester!!
I love the list that you made. It completely sounds like me and my husband!
Oh yeah-I am completely bummed about The Walking Dead being over until October. This baby I haven't even delivered yet will be around 7 months old when the new season starts-that is just a long time and it is wrong!!
Glad you are feeling better! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, isn't it funny when men start to get some of the sympathy pains, cravings and weight gain?
With my second child, my son, my husband gained so much weight with me, and was a diabetic.
With second daughter, my third, my husband was a diabetic and had the same siatic nerve pain I had! When I started nursing her, my husband's left breast became enlarged--he had tests done and even a mammogram. The doctors were dumbfounded because it was not cancerous--just a growth! It went away when I weaned her! Too funny!
I have to say about your anxiety with decision making--sometimes it is just that way. You have to trust that for your life and situations only you and Ryan will know. Well besides God.
I can relate though. My husband lost his job in early Feb, and I am now 20 weeks pregnant. I am nervous, but I know it will work out in the long run. I pray, I have faith and I trust God will lead us down the right path.
I am still keeping you and Ryan in our prayers! (And your little one on the way)

Tristan said...

Hey, elephants are pregnant for like 21 months! Sure makes the long 9 months of waiting sound better to me at least! :)

brigette said...

I agree 9 months is to long :). Im excited to hear about the MRW event. Ill be happy to help this year if I can let me know! Hugs Kendra!


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