Sunday, April 25, 2010

the new one

Remember how I had that one weekend.
The weekend where I lost my mind.
Well in that weekend I went to the store.
Just to get a gift for my Grandma.
While driving through the parking lot-
I saw these puppy's.
Ry and I talked about getting a new puppy because we kept hearing it would be good for us to have something to take care of, something to hold. We thought Harley could use a friend. Well Ryan wasn't with me and we didn't really ever decide if we would get a dog.
But that didn't stop me from holding him.
At first I walked away- went inside.
Next thing I knew, I had a cart full of puppy food, new toys, puppy shampoo and I was getting money out of the ATM to buy the puppy.
Yes, I lost my mind. I'm not joking. It wasn't a good weekend.
I cried a lot that weekend.
I was so sad I got this puppy because I felt I ruined its life, harley's life and our life.
I didn't want the puppy I wanted Makenzie.
I wanted something to hold but this wasn't it.
While I was cleaning up his poop outside- I broke.
I didn't want to clean up his poop I wanted to clean up Makenzies.
I didn't want to play with him, I wanted to play with Makenzie.
We thought this was a good thing. Something to take care of, occupy our time...
It had the opposite effect, We cried all the time because he was a big fat reminder why I got him.
Because she isn't here.
Every time we would see him we would get upset.
It didn't help that he cried all the time. He would cry all night long so for the first few days we got NO sleep.

well its been 9 days since we got him and egh...
he has grown on us.
He is someone we can take care of, he is super cuddly, we snuggle, he doesn't cry as much, Harley and him are starting to become friends... Its starting to work out.
We felt that since we got him, it was our responsibility to keep him and take care of him. It wouldn't be right to send him away. I'm glad we didn't. He is becoming one of us.
He listens good, he plays good, he sleeps good, he eats good. and. we love him.

Milo Derek Benjamin Webster
8 weeks old
Black Lab
Super soft
Super clumsy
Super cute

he is learning all about Makenize.
he is learning to not even think about going near her room.
he is giving us loves when we need it most.
i know makenzie would have gone nuts over him.
she loves her doggies.


starnes family said...

What a sweetie. So much love with a puppy.......soak it all in!

Chanse and Janell said...

what a little sweetheart!

hope you two are doing well.

all my love~xoxo

Anonymous said...

Milo is adorable. How does Harley like his new brother?? any sibling rivalry? He's a cutie for sure. :) Aunt Mary

Tara Bennett said...

Sorry to hear you had a rough start with Mr. Milo. He sure is adorable! I can't wait to meet him! Even though this is all very very hard, I'm so glad you're talking about your feelings, being honest with yourself about your emotions.... it will help. You are such a beautiful person, Kendra. Thank you for sharing your heart.... I wish I could help heal it. Love you!

Alerie said...

I am so sorry for everything you are going through and how nothing right now is easy for you and Ryan. I am glad Milo is growing on you though. He really is so cute. I love labs....especially black labs!!

Emma said...

It sounds like even though it was a quick decision it has turned out to be the right one. As you know more than anyone, the 'right' decision is NOT always the easiest one...but over time you find a new normal, as you have seen with Milo, even when it doesn't feel like it ever will. I am so glad you have Milo, he is adorable!! I am glad he will give you hugs and cuddles and although he will never replace Kenzie, nothing and noone ever will, dogs are such good friends, such good companions and are so good when they know you are sad! I am sure Kenzie already loves him and is helping to make you love him more and more...and hopefully helping him whine less and sleep more! :-) love Em

Rachel said...

How sweet! I want to pick him up and bury my face into that soft fur. Congrats!

Jenni said...

He is so cute! I'm glad you got him. What a sweet puppy!!!

Linds said...

seriously-dogs have such a way of getting into your heart. he's such an adorable little pup pup.

Kami Satterlee said...

I hated our black lab rocko when we got him. He was so stupid and obnoxious. I think it's a black lab thing to be a little slower haha. But now...I LOVE him! I'm so glad you got a puppy they will work wonders on your heart:)


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