Monday, April 5, 2010

our easter

friday night:
*colored eggs
*laughed with friends
*threw toys at each other
_until someone got hurt :)

*easter baskets
*easter eggs
*easter breakfast
*easter lunch
*easter dinner
*easter visits
*easter gifts
*easter bubbles
*easter balloons

*kenzie's easter basket*

*easter egg hunt w/cousins+kenzie rye!

*happy first easter makenzie*


The Call's said...

I bet Makenzie was smiling in heaven. What a great idea to have the egg hunt at the cemetary.Her basket is too cute! Love that Harley is eating the egg!

starnes family said...

Love Harley with the egg in his mouth. I'm happy to know you had joy at your Easter celebration. Know that you're missing your sweet angel.

Hugs from Kansas.

Alerie said...

I am so glad you have such amazing family and friends that surround you.

Makenzie's Easter basket was so cute and I am sure she caught all of those cute easter balloons.

I love that you got Harley an Easter basket too, what a lucky girl!! That is too funny how she has that whole egg in her mouth. Hard boiled eggs are actually good for dogs makes it nice and shiny or so I hear.

That was such a good idea to have an easter egg hunt at the cemetery. I am sure Makenzie LOVED that. I am sure she was right there with them running, laughing and smiling. You are such a good mommy to think of this. How special for her.

Much love!!

Emma said...

Kendra and Ryan, you are awesome! Kenzie is so lucky to have you as parents, even now, still putting her first and thinking of all these great ways to have her included. I know she joined in with the kids, running, laughing and having tons of fun-such a special first Easter for her. The three of you were in my thoughts all weekend, and I am glad you were able to find ways to laugh, I know Kenzie loves to see that!! I am so glad you have such a special family and wonderful friends to help you through these times....know there are so many more of us out here thinking of you, praying for you and loving you! Hugs, Em

Tara Bennett said...

That wind chime is beautiful!

Andrea said...

It think having a Easter egg hunt with her is an awesome idea!! :) I bet she had so much fun running around with all her cousins and friends. HUGS!!

brigette said...

What a special weekend!! You are such amazing parents! Thinking of you often!!


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