Monday, April 27, 2009

weekend- update

After work we spend a few hours hanging out with my sister and her new "friend" We had so much fun talking and eating home made churros! YUMMY!!! Had to leave a bit early before I ate every last one of them.
After we got home we let Harley out to go to the bathroom. We didn't see our neighbor was outside with his 2 dogs until it was to late. Harley goes on her 20ft. chain so she doesn't run away but the other dogs were running wild on the other side of the fence. Poor Harley went nuts- Almost killing herself by trying to break free to join in the dog fun. Our neighbor is a really nice guy but like he said the first time he meet us "I'm the neighborhood drunk." There have been a few too many times we have witnessed his craziness- For a short story- Here is the most recent:
About a week ago Ryan and I were asleep in bed with our window open- all the sudden we could hear 2 people screaming at each other. Ryan goes to see whats the problem - our 2 neighbors are screaming at each other. The things they said were horrible. Pretty much saying there were going to do horrible things to the other. The neighborhood drunk wouldn't stop- even after the other guy closed his window. He kept standing out there screaming at nothing. We ended up laying there listening to him for at least another 5-10 min. after the other guy went back inside! We ended up laughing ourselves to sleep because it ended up being really funny.
Back to Friday:
Our little friend thinks its a good idea to throw his dogs over the fence to play with Harley. As Ryan and I are trying to catch Harley
(who has knocked both Ryan and I down 3-4 times by taking out our legs with her chain)
our drunk neighbor tries to climb the fence himself. He got caught and fell over it, landed on his back and just laid there for a while. Ryan and I are trying not to laugh and catch our crazy dog at the same time. Just as Ryan gets a hold of Harley to try and drag her back in the house she gets loose and out of her chain. Harley and the other dogs take off. They go on a joy run around the neighborhood. Ryan's running one way I'm running another and drunk neighbor is still laying on the ground. We finally catch up to the crazy animals and grab Harley who's legs at this point are covered in blood. I'm just a little panicked because I don't know what happened but Ryan grabs her and carrys her inside while I shove off the other 2 dogs (all the while our drunk neighbor has finally been able to stand up but is wondering away mumbling random things) We get Harley inside and lay her down to inspect the damage. We don't know if it was while she was running or while she was still on her chain trying to get to the dogs but she wore her nails almost completely off. She had a couple big cuts on her paws as well. It looked so painful. I sat in the kitchen with her and give her water to drink while trying to stop the bleeding. Ryan came back in after helping the drunk neighbor get his dogs back and we still couldn't stop the bleeding. We got out a big sheet and just laid with her trying to get her to lick her own feet to stop the blood. It took about an hour and it finally stopped. It has been so sad this weekend because she cant scratch herself so as soon as she lifts her leg to rub her ear she puts it right back down and just drags her head all over the ground until we run over to her and scratch her ear for her. She has been quite spoiled. She has been doing really good though and we are just keeping her calm and not letting her run, esp on the cement.
I spend most of the day making little girl clips for baby GIRL!
(Just a few)
I have so many now I think I need to start giving some away.
On Saturday night we went to the JAZZ game!

We got an awesome deal through my work to buy suite tickets for an great price. It was very sad they didn't win but we had a great time anyway.
I do have one complaint- My most favorite part of going to any sporting event is the cotton candy! Over the last few months I have been craving it- I tried to find some but everyone was sold out on Saturday. Lets just say I was a very dissatisfied customer!
Saturday night was the first night I couldn't sleep because of extreme discomfort. There has been a a few nights throughout this pregnancy that I have had to get up and move a bit but I'm fine after that but that night was horrible. My hips, back, and tummy all ached and wouldn't stop that night. Ah- the joys I will experience for the next 2 1/2 months.
Very relaxing day. Took a long walk to a park near by with the dog. Let her wonder on a big grass field. Had a great dinner that took forever to cook but it was worth it.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend!


Ben said...

Cute bows, I will buy some from you! I don't have the time to get my girls hair done most of the time let alone make cute clippies! Love ya... see you Saturday!

Tara Bennett said...

Glad you had a fun weekend! Love those bows!!!


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