Monday, April 20, 2009

Matt Logelin

So I promised pictures of last weekend but I have found myself totally consumed with something else! I had the day off work last Monday- that meant
*Cleaning*playing with baby stuff*cooking*and the best part watching my favorite shows that I miss during the day like OPRAH!
Last Monday for those who missed it- the title was something like unforgettable Dads... So among the amazing Fathers who came on the show- One in particular stuck out... Matt Logelin... This story hit really really close and has completely changed my life over the last week :)
Matt started an online blog- sharing stories/trips of his wife Liz and himself. They became pregnant and soon had little Madeline. The day after Madeline was born Liz passed away. There obviously is MUCH more to this story. So Matt has taken on his father duties and writes pretty much daily of his life being a single Dad. I found his blog and haven't been able to do much other than consume myself in reading it. I had to start at the beginning... Catching up on this amazing mans life- I fell in love with everything about this family. I haven't been able to fully catch up- I'm still a few months behind but every chance I get I read.
I cant read at work because well- I CRY! I'm a huge baby. I sit there and many of his stories are so touching... some are hilarious... some make me think of my own little baby coming into this world and what it would be like if something happened to Ryan or myself. How hard it would be to raise this baby alone or to never have the chance to raise her. I really admire this guy. I know many many other people have become a widower or widow. I'm fascinated and intrigued at how they go on with life -Matt has written- "Sometimes I'm Not". That's how I feel. I have no idea how I could go on without my Ryan.
I could go on and on about this guy and I could go on and on about Ryan...
If any of you read his blog or watched the show let me know what you think...

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