Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It was a great weekend!

We had a fun weekend. Not many plans other than hanging out- doing a little organizing in the baby's room, cleaning the house and baking some yummy treats. My Mom had her annual Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday. It was perfect weather for the kids to look for eggs and candy. They had lots of fun grabbing all they could. I keep telling my mom she needs to just have everyone pitch in a bag because with everyone getting bigger and more kids starting to join the hunt every year the candy doesn't go far. My baby was to little to participate in the hunt this year but you better believe next year she will come ready to rumble!
(Please don't comment on my pic. I'm putting it in here to show we are still alive and doing well but yes my face has ballooned up! eek... This has been more recent and scares me to see what else I have to look forward to over the next 3 months. I am retaining water so I just hope once she comes out of me- I can start shrinking down)

1 comment :

FROGGITY! said...

oh yeah right 'ballooned'... not at all! you look wonderful!

i love egg hunts. can't wait for little lady to go to one this week. :)


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