Friday, March 20, 2009


When I was a wee one I loved LONG NECKS (aka- giraffes) I thought it only appropriate my next little counter should have a long neck. Yes this is #3 on my blog... Depending on which one you look my count down is different... Whats up with that? I either have 123 or 124 days until July 22? Some body is trying to play a trick on me ;)
I have a feeling this lil GIRL is going to be a late one- She will come out when she wants and it will not fit into my schedule AT ALL! She will probably be just like I was. I just pray pray pray she is not breech like me... Sorry MOMI, I cant believe you kept me after all I put you through.

So names are still coming in and going out just as fast- right now we like:
Alexa Rye
I don't think I'm going to keep telling others the names we are thinking of because as soon as we find a name we really like and tell someone- either they don't like it and make sure we know why they don't like it or they make up some dumb nickname she will probably be called. Ill never find a perfect- no dumb nickname- totally unique and awesome- out of this world giving her a step up in life because she has a perfect name- name... This could possibly be the last time ill post any names we like- sorry it will be super secret and no one will know until the big unveiling! Ill throw a party and decorate a cake or something! You will all be invite (which means I would like some more presents/ JK...)

So in some not so good updating news-
Ryan's poor Grandma Dorothy had a stroke yesterday. She seems to be doing better today but is still in the hospital. She is just the sweetest most loving person I have ever meet. I love her so much so I just pray she continues to get better. One amazing thing about Ryan's family- They are a tight team. Everyone joints together and comes in from all over to be with one another. The waiting room at the hospital was far to small for us last night- I am so grateful to be in such a loving and supportive family!

Happy Happy first day of SPRING!


caitlin and brinton said...

Alexa is sooo cute. Whatever name you choose will be perfect, no matter what anyone says! I work with someone named Ryan and he named his daughter Rian... kinda cute! Good luck name-browsing! Happy spring.

Tara Bennett said...

I like all the names on your list! I honestly believe names just fit people once they're picked. Like Oby - oh my heck the 1st time he told me his name, I literally laughed out loud! (it was over email, so it wasn't as rude as it seems). But now that I know him - it is just so HIM and a perfect fit. I can't wait for the name unveiling party. What a great idea! I will definitely bring you a present!!!

FROGGITY! said...

love the names! natalia: what a cool name. good choices.

i wish a speedy recovery to your hubby's grandma!

Doreen G. said...

I know it might sound corny but you may find you have a name all picked out... then on the precious day she arrives... something else comes to you and IT is the perfect name! Don't worry... make sure you love it! Screaming it, cooing it, and singing it! You'll be using it the rest of her life!


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