Tuesday, March 10, 2009

we still love you...

oh HARLEY- you have been so neglected since we found out about baby GIRL. Just know we still love you oh so much and even though we don't get the camera out near as much when your doing the cutest things we still notice them- most of the time. that is just part of what comes when your the oldest and another is on its way. i can tell you know changes are happening- certain rooms are now off limits and we keep bringing in new toys that you cant play with. there is also the fact I'm super moody and get super upset when i step on your sharp pointy toys that you leave in the middle of the room while i get up for the 10Th time to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. i know you don't mean to be so clueless so ill continue to forgive you. once summer comes that means lots more walks and camping trips. don't worry we wont lay off those to much this year even though there is a baby GIRL coming. you have to teach her the ropes to good hiking and camping skills and most important- she needs to learn how to swim! see you have lots more responsibilities coming up, you wont be forgotten or to neglected. we still need you!
please just be patient as we are still under construction for a few more months.

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