Friday, March 13, 2009

Ryan the Builder

Ryan can really make anything! I am always amazed at the things he can create and how amazing it looks once he is done. In high school he would tell me how he was consistently building speaker boxes- bigger than the last one of course-
He has built this amazing bar/shelf thing under our window out back, our garden boxes, he has made the metal rails for our bed, he made our bed, he has totally renovated our shed and made great shelving, he built this cute bench for under our window in the front room and that is just the beginning.

I have a few things I want him to build for the baby's room. The first thing is this adorable shelf. It will be great for storage for a few years then she can use it as a doll house!

The other thing is a large bench for under her window. This is not at all how the bench will look but I had to put up some kind of visual aid- It will be taller, longer and wider. I will make some cushions and pillows so I can have a nice relaxing place to feed the baby. Half the bench will be a toy box so it will have a lid on it to open and the other half will be shelves.

The other, but I'm sure not last, thing he is going to make are these awesome flower hooks. He can make pretty much anything out of metal- It wont look exactly like this but they will be pretty similar. Everything will be painted bright colors to match her bedding and the rest of her room decor.

I'm so excited to get everything made for her room and set up for this little GIRL!


Tara Bennett said...

Oh these are all great things to make! Oby always talks about his mad building skillz, but I have yet to see them in action. Maybe when he's done with school, I'll have him prove it to me.

I especially love the doll house/book case. So cute! Can't wait to meet little baby girl Webster. Do you have any names yet?

Chanse and Janell said...

OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bookshelf/doll house! What a cute idea... I'm definitely going to have to keep that in mind!
You're so lucky to have a man that builds stuff:)

ML said...

Such cute things! You're lucky to have a husband who's good at that type of project. It's going to be an adorable room!


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