Monday, March 9, 2009


Last Thursday March 5 we had our official ultrasound! Its DEFINITELY a GIRL! She was not so modest and gave us some good shots so we were able to see there really is nothing there. She was doing some funny things on the sonogram. She would bring her hand up to her mouth and act like she was going to suck her thumb then just let it sit there- then she would throw it down and bring her toes up and suck on her toes! The lady stabbing me with the little wand was not only making her a little irritated but she was pissing me off. I had just drank 2 bottles of water and she was shoving that thing in me like she was trying to see my back (YES I ALMOST peed all over that dang table)... It was so amazing to just know she was growing good and was being active and moving all around in there. My Mom went to this ultrasound and I think she really enjoyed it. She has never been with anyone else in my family and never had one of her own like this so It was a fun experience.

Her Profile

Her profile with her mouth open

Her VERY strong heart rate!
After the Doc. apt I have been dieing to just feel her. Well I'm pretty sure I am- She is not so gentle. I think she said- okay Mom if you want to feel me your going to feel me. It seriously feels like me stomach is turning upside down! The doctor said that's really normal and she is probably doing just that- SOMERSAULTS! She is already a gymnast!
I am getting more and more excited about seeing and holding this little girl- I cant wait to see her little face and kiss her till she crys! I have been horrible with names- cant think of any I like. Ryan keeps coming up with really fun cute names that I like but I'm just not totally in love with yet. His favorites right now: Zoey, Brooklyn and Ciera (WITH A C)
We went shopping with Ryan's Grandma Dorothy on Saturday- She bought us the cutest crib! They should be getting it next week and I'm so excited to go pick it up. I want to get her room all set up and decorated but I'm waiting on the first step- PAINT! Ryan has been so busy lately we don't have time. He is helping my sister Kristianne right now remodel her bathroom. Thursday and Friday was spend in demolition mode! He has been doing an awesome job!


FROGGITY! said...

SO great! :) yay girls!

Ben said...

Not that my opinion matters much, but I like Zoey!


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