Monday, June 30, 2008

Yuba Lake

We had the best weekend relaxing at Yuba Lake. The weather was HOT and PERFECT! We love going boating and camping. Ryan and I took Devlin and Kailum up Friday night along with Amy and her kids Aidan, Kian and Amalie. We spent the night hanging out and skipping rocks in the water. Our camp spot was right on the beach which made it perfect to go play anytime. The next day we ate breakfast and were on the boat by 9:00 AM. Amy and Aidan were the first to ride the tube. They did awesome and Aidan kept saying he would never get off. Everyone got a turn but Amalie-who is to little and Ryan who hurt his back earlier in the week and didn't feel up to getting beat up a little more on the tube. The kids all had a blast and Harley is a natural fish. She cant stay out of the water. She will swim and try to catch the water she is splashing around. I love getting on the tube and I challenge anyone to try and flip me off. For some reason when I get on that thing I get unbelievable strength and will hold on for forever. Ryan loves playing the game of almost killing me just to get me to fall off. The tube will flip in every direction and ill just pull myself back up and hold on! That is the only time I have any kind of strength. I'm actually very weak!

Later in the night after Amy went home my sister Kristianne and her daughter Olivia came up. We had a great time playing a little more on the boat then swimming at the beach. That night the kids all snuggled in the tent and watched a movie on my computer while Ryan, Kristianne and I made friends which a group of people camping next to us. They were a lot of fun and we had a great time hanging out with them. The next morning, which was Sunday, we were back in the water for a while before heading home. It was a perfect get away and I cant wait till next weekend when we do it again but at a different lake.

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Tara Bennett said...

Yuba lake beaches are the best around! I'm so jealous of your little getaway. If either of us have a free weekend this summer, or even in the fall, we definitely have to do a camping trip together! I might have Oby text Ryan to give you my phone number, because the guys are just gonna flake out on the planning, I'm afraid us gals have got to throw this thing together if it's ever gonna happen!!!


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