Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy 100th Birthday Grandma!

My Grandma Murtle turned 100!!!

She is such a funny little lady. She is still doing great other than the fact she cant hear very well and refuses to wear a hearing aid so your exhausted after screaming to her for a few moments :)

My sisters Kristianne, Amy and Ashlyn planned a wonderful party to celebrate all the many year of her life and it turned out wonderful. There was so many people who came to see her I think she was overwhelmed. Grandma Murtle is such a loving person and has worked so hard for so many years- My amazing sisters take such great care of her and because of all their hard work everyday she is still able to live somewhat on her own! She has had an incredible journey through her life!

Happy Birthday!

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Tara Bennett said...

There are a lot of birthdays in your family this month! But I must say, Grandma Murtle is my favorite. She is so dang cute it's ridiculous! We're definitely up for a camping trip. Have your man call my man and set it up. =)


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