Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I got Ryan a Wii for Christmas and we love it. It was misery getting this machine though. I had been trying to get it since the September before. Everywhere was sold out of it. I stood in line at numerous stores early in the morning only to have them all sell out a few people before me. I left work early about 2 weeks before Christmas thinking ill pick up some last minute things. By this time I gave up on the idea of getting Ryan a Wii so I already bought him something else. I went into a Toys R Us just to see if I could get lucky and like every other store- we are sold out! Its so crazy but they wont even tell you on the phone if they have any in stock or when the next shipment will come, you have to come into the store yourself. Well across from Toys R Us there was a game stop so I ran over there. A line of about 3 people already formed. I had no idea the latest shipment of Wii's was arriving right then but I just decided to wait and see if I could get my hands on one. I couldn't believe that they receive 5 Wii's and I was #4 in getting them. I walked out of there with my Wii and my Wii guitar hero (for my nephew Tyler) and I was so excited. It took everything for me not to tell Ryan what I got him but on Christmas Day we had a Wii party, it was awesome. We have started our collection of games and my favorite is bowling. Ryan's favorite is this Olympics game. We are starting to get pretty good playing it but no matter how good we get we will never beat the ultimate Wii Pro! DEVLIN DON WHITE is amazing at this game. He will beat anyone anytime. I have to say I feel like I really got the game for him since he plays it much more than Ryan or I.

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