Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We are Home

Well we are back- Sadly! We had so much fun in Korea but it was definitely very hard to leave. I was ready to forget our little world here and stay but I guess I have to face reality and come home. We did something amazing everyday and I never was bored! I'm so in love with my nieces and my brother. I cant wait to see them again and I wish I could give them hugs everyday. I am now back into the crazed world. Finals are fast approaching and I'm not ready for them at all. I am throwing my sister in a law a baby shower this Saturday which I'm extremely excited for but it does involve a lot of preparation and I'm just busier than I can believe at work. I love my life! I cant wait for spring- I know its coming because our pool is slowly getting drained and you can see all the ugly moss crap stuck to the sides getting ready to get cleaned off! Its a beautiful sight.

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