Monday, May 11, 2015


We love bowling. Tracker LOVES bowling. We tried to get him his own lane but they said they were too busy-- even though both lanes on either side of us were empty the entire time we were there. Oh well. This was the first time he got his own pair of shoes which were so cute I almost put them in my purse to keep forever. We payed 2 games but Track could have stayed for hours more. He picked a blue ball which was 11lbs! He would grab his ball, throw it down the lane, stand there intently watching his ball, jump up and down and throw his hands in the air saying "I did it" after the pins would fall. He then would RUN back to where the ball comes back to you, holding his hands waiting for it to come back. Ryan and I pretty much went 1 of our 2 turns since Tracker just couldn't wait his turn. He had so much energy the entire time and was soo happy. He cried when we took his shoes off and said "No I love my bowden ball!"
We saw they had an arcade as we were leaving and decided to just blow $30 and let Tracker play. Funny thing is the very first game he played he won the jackpot TWICE! So right off the bat he had 2000 tickets. It took forever for us to use the rest of the $30 in tokens. 
After we were finally done he was able to walk away with a TON of crap. and he couldn't be any happier. It was such a fun day!

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