Thursday, April 2, 2015


We were so excited when Papa, Grandma Becky and Easton came for a visit. 
Tracker was talking about it for days leading up to them coming. These boys became nearly inseparable from the start. They were so so cute together. They are almost exactly a year apart in age so we have been so excited for them to be old enough to really start playing. Grandma got the boys matching jambes the first night and they slept in sleeping bags on the floor. Every single night. It was a constant party. 
We did some exploring, visited Ice Harbor Dam, went to some parks, went on walks, looked for ducks, went out to eat, went to the carousel, grabbed a weice, went golfing, went fishing, roasted mallows, played with trains for days, road bikes, ran and ran and ran. Naps rarely happened and they all crashed hard every night.
Tracker was so cute fishing for the first time. He took it very seriously and did exactly what Papa or Daddy or Mum told him. He would cast his pole, wait then reel it in really fast. After a bit he decided just casting and reeling over and over was more fun than waiting so he did that for the Over and over and over and over. Seriously ALL day. Papa said how impressed he was and that it reminded him so much of Ryan since that is actually how Ryan was. That made Ryan slightly proud. Tracker was so patient and didn't want to run around, go to the play ground or even eat. I had to hand feed him throughout the day because he wouldn't put his pole down or stop. Silly silly kid. We ended the day when a snake came out to play and Ryan ran off screaming. It was getting late so it was time to pack up anyway but that sealed the deal. 
Ryan loved being with his parents. He has been missing them so much lately so they came at a perfect time. We were once again not excited about our visit coming to an end... I mean are we ever?!
I loved that Easton actually liked me this trip. Since this little boy was born he has not been a fan of me. Seriously?! I even have tried to buy his love and it didn't work. So it was such a fun visit having him talk to me and play with me!
We love him so much and Track was not happy when his best bud headed back home. 

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Auntie EM said...

So sweet. I can only imagine how wonderful and memorable those visits are from Grandma and Grandpa. The boys looked they had a blast together.


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