Friday, April 10, 2015

Harkness Visit

We were beyond excited when Ben & Alana & kids came for a quick visit on their way home from a trip. Track was waiting anxiously or his cousins and was in heaven the entire time they were here. We made all the typical visitor stops. Carousel, between the bun, Howard Amon park... They wanted to see the movie HOME so we decided to go see that. I worried it would be a disaster for Tracker since he doesn't sit through any movie that doesn't involve Lightning McQueen, Woody and Buzz or Dusty. Surprisingly he LOVED it. He sat so still right in between Tyler and Ellie the entire time. He at his popcorn and didn't take his eyes off the screen. It was pretty adorable. 
They were only able to stay for a day but it was the absolute BEST day.

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