Friday, January 9, 2015

Tracker Kent 28 Months

Favorite Foods: Chicken and Rice, Tuna Casserole, Raisins, PB&J, French Fries, Scrambled Eggs, Frozen Peas, Mandarin Oranges and lemons.
Favorite Book: Any book he has to find the hidden pictures. 
Favorite Toy: Planes, Trains and Cars. Balls.
Injuries: Hit his eye while visiting Utah. 
Height: 38" Weight: 35 lbs

- Still saying stinky boot when he goes potty
- Isn't a fan of Chicken nuggets and Mac n' Cheese anymore.
- Lays on his belly to read and props his head up with his hand
- Hasn't watched Toy Story in nearly a month which is crazy. His movie of choice is Planes Fire and Rescue or Cars.
- Mickey is still a top favorite... That mouse.
- Needs to make sure everyone is doing exactly what they are suppose to around here. He will herd the kids around like cattle to make sure they are playing in the right room, coming to the table for meals or snacks, going to the right room and the right bed for naps. and he keeps them all together.
- Amazes us with his memory. We will read a book like I SPY or Waldo once and he will remember exactly where it is the next time we read it.
- When my mom was here over Christmas we were going through some of Makenzies things- this stuffed doll was in there and Tracker spotted it. He grabbed it immediately hugged it tight and squealed "My baby sis" which is what he calls Makenzie. It nearly did me in. but whats even better than that is that he then took it and has rarely let it go. If he can't see the doll he gets really nervous and starts asking "Where baby sis". Its pretty heart warming.
- He is repeating everything we say no matter what it is.
- Wrestles daily with Harley, Ryan or myself. Or any of his friends that want to wrestle.
- Is not a fan when Ryan and I argue or we have any type of discussion where one of us raises our voice. He will come between us and demand and I mean yell and scream "HUG.. HUG.. HUG" until we have a family of 3 hug. Usually we are not even upset with each other and just having a discussion and he find us in whatever room and be our peace maker. There is never a time it doesn't break both Ryan and I making us smile and laugh.
- His coaster has not made it out of the front room. Its suppose to be an outside toy and because its not the most ideal weather everyday we have kept it indoors because he is obsessed with it. I think he rides down it at least 1000 times a day. He is all about being a stunt man on it. Standing, going sideways, backward, covering his eyes and no hands. Its the funniest thing to watch.
- Learned to curl his tongue on Christmas day and is always walking around with it stuck out and curled.
- We have stayed away from the indoor gyms this winter season because Track gets sick every single time we have gone. Which means we have paid the mall a visit far to often so he can ride a few of the rides and run wild. We improvise. 
- Since the one day Track got to experience snow he has been obsessed with all things snow/snowman/penguin/polar bear related. We have watched Planet Earths frozen arctic version several times. 
- He loves whistles.
- Knows all his letters and loves to point them out wherever we go.
- Loves to sing. Happy Birthday, ABC, You are my sunshine, Itsy bits spider, Twinkle little star and wheels on the bus are consistently being sung. 
- Loves his doctors kit and has remembered what each tool is call and will go search the entire house for them if they are not all together. His favorite is a tedis-cope (stethoscope).
- Had a bad case of croup right before Christmas. We know croup well now so its not near as scary as it once was but this time during the night he was panicking so much that we knew we had to take him to the ER at 3:30am instead of waiting until his pediatrician opened a few hours later. He just needed a bit of a steroid treatment and he was able to relax. Being in that ER gave me a mini wake up call. To remember how bless we are. That Tracker might be a little ill but we know whats wrong. We can treat it very easily. and he will be fine. and that is not the case for many many other people. It broke my heart to think how many other people were in that same room we were in and how their outcomes were not near as good as ours. It made me really step back and thank my lucky stars once again for a healthy son. 
- Tracker is obsessed with fish. Watching fish, coloring pictures of fish, playing with fish toys and even eating fish. We are anxious to take him fishing this year and hope he will love it.
- Is much less picky eating lately but he is still a challenge. He will at least try everything but usually just try a bite. He has developed this annoying thing where he will chew chew his food and then just let it sit in his mouth. I will do everything to make him swallow. Drinking, bribing, getting upset and it always results in him spitting it out. Agh. It gets so frustrating. 
- Drinks seriously 3-4 bottles of water a day. He is like a camel.
- When he has a fruit snack he can't have just one. He begs for at least 2 if not 3. 
- Has had a growth spurt this month. All the sudden hardly any 2T items fit and all his size 7 shoes are tight. As much as I love shopping for him. I just bought him all his new 2T and size 7 shoes within the last few months. So crazy. 
- We have a bit about going potty. We tried it one day- which he wanted. He all the sudden woke up asking for underpants. He went potty in the toilet and didn't have a single accident for an entire day. The next morning we tried again and he had an accident within minutes. I was NOT ready to potty train so I just put a diaper on him and didn't encourage continuing to try. Looking back I really should have but I have just not felt ready to have him potty trained. I know people think I'm crazy and I will probably regret it once I actually want to potty train him and he refuses. We have talked about it more and decided we will probably start trying when he asks again or in the next few months.
- Still as clumsy as ever. Trips and falls all the time but as soon as he falls he yells "I'm Okay!"
- Always knows where his Dusty planes and McQueen toys are.
- When he watches cars he has to line up all his McQueen cars and have them right next to him.
- Is great with colors and identifying them. Numbers are still a struggle. He can count to 20 but he only recognizes a few of the numbers.
- Loves to read and would do it all day long if we could.
- Has been having trouble going to sleep so we started diffusing some oils and they have made a world of difference. He goes to sleep great and without a fight but he is still not sleeping through the night.
- Being with family in Utah and then having Grandma come for Christmas made for the best month in Trackers eyes. He loves being around our family and all the love the shower him with.
- He hates being put in time out. Like HATEEES it. Screams and cries and does anything if we threaten time out. Lately he has had to go to timeout more because he thinks he is the boss of anyone that comes in the house and isn't very nice some of the time. We are working hard on being nice, sharing and not pushing.
- When he doesn't get what he wants he puts his head down and sulks. Its pretty funny.
- He will say "Mom wink" and open and close both of his eyes. Its so funny.
- Aunt Jill gave him a bearded hat and we are all obsessed with it. I can't even keep a straight face the entire time its on.
- When he eats cupcakes he shoves the entire thing in his mouth at once.
- When we dropped my mom off at the airport Tracker fell apart. He screamed and cried the entire ride home which was over 20 minutes saying "Gamma come back... No Gamma... I mess you Gamma. Gaaaammmmmaaaa" It was seriously the saddest thing I have yet to whiteness from him. I felt horrible. He just cried and held his face. We came home and quickly pulled out Grandma pictures and had to talk about her and that we will see her soon.

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rcbe1 said...

I think you will be fine with potty training. We did the same thing with my son, bought him underwear and he wore them for awhile and had accidents. I just didn't want the mess, then one morning he asked to wear them and never had an accident again. So easy to potty train boys if you let them wait until they are ready. Tracker is adorable!! You have BEAUTIFUL children:)


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