Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Snow Day

Since moving to the Tri-Cities nearly 2 years ago we have yet to have a real snowfall. 
There has been frozen rain which is frosty and kind of resembles snow but no real snow flakes. 
When we woke up to a TINY blanket of snow. We were ecstatic. Like we got our snow gear on and headed out at 7:30 am on a Sunday. Tracker was so excited and loved every minute out there. We could literally watch the snow melting off the grass but it stayed on the streets. So weird. I have yet to see a snow plow since living here so I am not sure if they even have one. Because of that the roads were pure ice. Tracker and Ryan made a mini snowman to which Tracker kicked his head off. He then made another and another and continued to kick their head off. It sent him into a fit of giggles each time. So funny. We stayed out for a few hours before the snow was pretty much gone and we headed back inside. 
It helped our missing of snow... for a few hours... then it was gone and we missed it again.

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