Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pregnancy Tips

- If you do the whole hair tie around the button of your pants trick- make sure you carry around extra hair ties. Seems so logical but apparently not for me. With not 1 but 2 hair tie accidents where they fell in a public toilet leaving me with nothing to hold up my pants I have now learned.
- If this is your first child you might need to start wearing pantie liners every single day during your last trimester. A little sneeze or cough will cause some serious issues. If you are on your second or I'm assuming any other child after the first. Start wearing these pantie liners in the second trimester. Those little accidents happen a lot sooner. Unless you are me and tend to full on piss yourself.
- Get the book... My girlfriends guide to pregnancy... Seriously the best read. I read it when I was pregnant with Kenzie and I'm reading it again. but this time I totally understand so much more and its just refreshing my memory.
- Invest in a good water bottle. I love those thick plastic ones that have a straw. I love my ice water in them. I find Ill drink more if that thing is always full.
- Drink water A LOT. I cant believe how much it helps me with every symptom I have. I just keep drinking more and more and feel better and better. I think I am drinking close to 100 oz a day. HOLY MOLY. and that's just water. I am still indulging in my milk, coffee and juice. mmm... Maybe that's why I tend to pee my pants. My body hasn't really gotten used to drinking so much yet. I seriously tinkle like 4-5 times an hour. Its almost impossible to do anything outside of my house because I am consistently running to a bathroom.
- Don't buy maternity clothes to far in advance. With Makenzie I went and stocked up in the first trimester and bought out motherhood maternity. I ended up only wearing 2 of the 8 shirts I bought and none of the pants. I grew different and my body wasn't like the "average" pregnant women I guess. I am waiting with this one. Buying as I go if/when I need it. I will use my belly band my whole pregnancy. I was told I will only be able to wear it until the 3rd trimester from a few different people with Makenzie but I wore it up until the day before she was born. That is a life saver on buying new pants. ESP if you have longer legs like me. Its impossible to find long inseam maternity bottoms. If you do want to invest in a nice pair I would recommend the Rock Revival maternity jeans. They are long and have an adjustable waist.
On this same note- don't expect you will for sure be able to wear all your same maternity clothes again. Since I am carrying this baby so much lower than Makenzie, everything fits different. I couldn't wear the over the belly pants with Makenzie. She was sitting so high that they never stretched up far enough. The top of those pants sat in the middle of my belly and was so uncomfortable so I would end up folding it down every time. With this baby I cant wear the thick band that goes under the belly comfortably. I do it anyway because I am broke and cant buy new maternity pants but by the end of the day I barely make it home before those suckers come off and T doesn't enjoy them very much because they are shoving into him.
- Those giant over sized maternity pillows that look like a snake- they are ammazing. I just got one thanks to my sista and I am in 7th heaven. I have never slept so good in my life. I put part of that sucker between my legs then I lay on part of it so it supports my belly and curls around my head enough for me to still snuggle with it. I am telling you this thing is pushing Ryan out of the bed.

Now I am no expert on pregnancy. Far from it. So if you have any advice I would love to hear it.


Anonymous said...

The belly band has also helped me to be able to not buy maternity clothes! I made one my last pregnancy out of some cotton/stretchy black material from JoAnn Fabrics. I can fold it in half to make it a "tighter" fit, and when I get into the last trimester and really big I can unfold it so it still stretches, but holds up my pants!

Krista said...

I totally agree with you about the body pillow. I am 20 weeks pregnant with quads and since I found the boppy body pillow I am so comfortable in bed. Now if only I didn't have to get up to pee all the time! Oh well guess us pregnant women can't have it all!! Wish I would have had the body pillow with my other pregnancies.

Unknown said...

Yes i totally agree with you that we should drink a lot of water during pregnancy time. It is really good for a pregnant lady. when i was 16 weeks pregnant i used to drink a lot of water. Your thoughts are really good. Thanks

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