Friday, December 2, 2011


I have talked about this incredible little boy a while back.
I hate how I met his Mum and Dad.
As much as I love them its so hard to not wish neither of us were at that hospital. That we were not walking this path together. That our babies were not taken from us.
I hate that I cant change what has already happened. 
The only thing I can hope and pray for is that our babies are happy.
That those little loves of ours are free from pain.
For as much as Ryan and I love Rykers parents I can only imagine how much love those babies have for each other and that they are never far from one another. That they are incredibly close. That they are making sure they keep their Mum's and Dads safe and holding them close when we need them.
While we were here missing Ryker this last week. He was celebrating 2 years back in heaven. He was dancing with angels and being held by Jesus.

Doesn't he have the most lovable face you have ever seen?
I want to kiss those checks. I want to blow on that belly.
I had the pleasure of being with Mike and Misty on Rykers Angel day. I cant tell you how much it meant to be around all those people who knew him. Who loved him. Who have spent countless hours praying for him.  They told me stories. They showed me his pictures.
I am honored they let me be apart of such a special thing.

Misty did an amazing job planning the night.
The house was full of family and friends.
They lite lanterns along the walkway.
They released balloons.
They let wish lanterns go.

It was a great little getaway and I got my fix of those babies for a bit.
The husband wasn't able to come due to work.
Its probably a good thing because he ended up having to save our house (more on that to come).

Happy 2nd Angel Day Ryker.
I hope you could see how incredibly loved you are. How many lives you have changed. The good you brought into this world.  You and Kenzie better be living it up. Make endless messes, laugh until your belly hurts and never stop smiling. You are the greatest gift little man. Hold your Mum and Dad close.


Robin said...

They are lucky to have great friends like you and Ryan. What a handsome little man! I am sure of it...Kenzie and Ryker are pain free and "livin it up" in Heaven. I am SURE of it! Praying for you (and your dear friends) always!

Auntie EM said...

Ryker and his parents are lucky to have friends like you and Ryan and Kenzie. I try to imagine Ryker and Kenzie running, laughing, playing, blowing angel kisses to their moms and dads and to all those that love them. Kendra, Kenzie is proud of you and Ryan. Although life did not turn out the way we had hoped for all of you, Kenzie has taught me so much and so have you. I love you, my sweet friend.

Emma said...

What a beautiful post for such a beautiful and loved little boy! I have no doubt your two little angels are gettting into all kinds of mischief in Heaven and keeping eachother busy until they are in your arms again. Love and hugs to both families, Em


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