Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Baby Shower #2

Baby Shower #2 was given by awesome Brooke!
*** Many other awesome people (MIL, Carma, Kam, Sherry) helped***
Thank you Thank you Thank you EVERYONE.
It was such an amazing time-

Family and Friends...

I was lucky enough to get a load of amazing gifts for baby GIRL!
Some included....

Cousin Kam gave Baby GIRL the yummiest smelling baby perfume. Olivia went around to everyone so they could smell :)
She is seriously tooo dang cute.
Whats a baby shower without cute babies...
These are Baby GIRLS cousins. Little Kalea on the right will be the closest in age to her.
Wish I had more pictures of all the awesome people who attended- If you took any please send them my way! I am so blessed to know such incredible people and have such an incredible family. Thank you all for everything- I couldn't ask for more.
Only 64ish days until we all get to meet Baby GIRL.

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caitlin and brinton said...

Oooh!! Nice stuff! Aren't showers so fun!? I can't believe it's only a couple months away!


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