Monday, May 13, 2013


Although my blogging on this here blog has decreased I am still rather attached to it and the amazing friends and followers I have made. Some of you have moved over to the new blog but many have not. So sorry there are creepers out there and this even had to happen. In the past few months I have had several emails asking various questions and request to do another Q&A. I debated for a while but decided I really do love this blog and don't want to lose all the relationships I have built so its necessary for me to keep up on it as much as possible and also follow through with a few requests from you all. So first up.... Q&A... next, ill be doing a few tutorials on making Baby food. Those have been the top requests so hopefully that will be something to look forward to!

Like the past Q&A's.. This gives you a chance to ask me anything and ill do my best to answer.
Just leave a comment and ill get around to posting the answers hopefully next week.

People we are 4 days away from the movers coming to pack our stuff. 5 days away from it being loaded on a moving truck. and 11 days away from loading up our truck and heading to our new home. and yet I  am still not convinced it will happen. Denial? but pretty excited for whats to come.


NoraB said...

Hi Kindra. You don't know me but I've been following your blog for a couple years. I can't even remember how I found it, but it has been such a comfort to me since my niece passed. I have not lost a child of my own, but going through my own grieving process while also trying to be supportive to my sister is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I still struggle with the denial and depression even 3 years later. Although I would never wish that kind of loss on anyone, I do find some comfort in knowing that others understand the pain I feel.

I would love to follow you on your new blog if you would allow it. I understand if you don't. You don't know me from Adam. I do have a "blog" but never post. I always think I want to, but am fearful still for some reason. Probably because of those "creepers" you mentioned.

I do have a question for your Q & you ever go back and read your blog posts and regret anything you have said?

I only ask that because that is probably one of my biggest insecurities and reasons for not posting. I'm not always the most level headed LOL once the dust settles I always think of how I could have said or done things better.

Thanks for listening :)

Your little Tracker is too cute for words.

Emmi Morrison said...

I just recently re-located. It was quite stressful and my first week here with the babies has been a rough one. I wish you all the best and a smooth transition.
My question is this, through reading your precious blog, I have noticed that you are really transparent with your feelings. How do you decide what to share on your public blog and what not to share? I often want to write (On my blog) about some tough issues, but I fear that I will be judged and misunderstood. Any suggestions?
Love you blog!

Lea and her Mustangs said...

I would move to the other one if I knew what it was. if you want to give it to me. If not I will read this one. I don't want to lose track of you though. I have read this faithfully, prayed for you, cried for you and rejoiced with you. God bless.

Mdcermott said...

miss the updates on your little man- but glad you visit us here sometimes!

Lauren said...

I love your blog and miss the frequent updates. I hope this finds you well. :) tracker is so cute and looks so much like mckenzie! My question may have been answered and/or on the blog but I've looked for posts related to your pregnancy with the 2nd baby and I can't find them. :( also, are y'all LDS TOO?!?! Much love and many hugs from Florida!!

Unknown said...

I would be in denial too if I had to pack up and leave everyone I loved behind. I will tell you that it is beautiful up here in WA state and I bet you guys fall in love with it too. I was born, raised, and still live only an hour from The Tri-cities. We live at the base of the Blue Mountains so we have the best of both worlds, "city" an hour away and hunting, fishing, four-wheeling out our back door. Best of luck in your new adventure!! <3

With Crazy Love Jeff and Jamie said...

Kendra, WOW Amazing is about all that I can say. I found your blog about 3 weeks ago through a friend and it has taken me 3 weeks to read your life journey! YOu and Ryan are Amazing people with an amazing story! And I am glad I that I have had the opportunity to see a glimpse into your journey! My husband has a son that was killed in a car accident as an infant. He was 6 months old and my husband was driving. I can somewhat understand the pain but he wasn't mine. I never met him but he holds a special place in my heart. Our four other children know who he is and love him. He will always be apart of OUR family here or not! I admire your courage and strength! I would love to continue to be able to follow you "4" in your journey! Much love, Jamie My email is

Raquel said...

I would love to follow your new blog! I know you don't know me at all but I've been following your blog for a long time I've loved your honesty with it all, please add me

jenniejn said...

I wanted to join your new blog and have followed you forever but wasnt asked or something please

Unknown said...

It must be so hard to leave Mackenzie behind, will you build a memorial close to your new home?

The Fuchs*Pietrzak's said...

So happy you still keep this blog up some. I was wondering how you decided who you would have on your new blog. Is it just family/close friends?

Unknown said...

From following this blog, I've noticed that you visit McKenzie and leave her gifts and decorations quite often. So my question is. With you guys moving, is there anything you plan on doing to make up for not being able to visit her as often?

Grandma Honey said...

I know you don't know me but I've enjoyed your blog for a long while now. I would hate to lose contact with your world and I'm hoping you will end me an invite to your new blog. But if you decide not to, I will understand that also.

Bless you and your sweet family

Unknown said...

I too was wondering if you'd make a special "spot" at your new home for MacKenzie. My parents lost my brother and sister as babies. When we moved almost twenty years ago my mom had a very hard time not being able to visit them.

Btw I'd love to following your new blog. Little Tracker is absolutely adorable! I check every night to see if there's any new blog posts from you. :)


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