Tuesday, April 30, 2013

7 month favorites

Raz-Berry Teether: Tracker loves this teether. It has a bumpy texture but is very soft. He loves to hold the ring part and pull it in and out of his mouth. We will put it in the freezer sometimes when we think his teeth are bothering him and it seems to help sooth those achy teeth.

Carters Sleeveless Onesie: These are my new favorite thing. The reason I love them is because they are sleeveless so when I layer it with other shirts its not super bulky and he doesn't get to hot. Plus they are carters and I love carter onesies. They hold up well wash after wash and seem to last longer size wise than any others I have.

Fresh Food Feeder: I like the fresh food feeder but Tracker LOVES it. I will stuff a banana, strawberry or even some chicken in this and Tracker and gum it to death. Beware it can make a huge mess when you have a messy baby like Tracker. He sucks and sucks everything he can and then he gets so excited he swings it around and smacks it on the try which then sends food flying. Its totally worth it though. It keeps him busy while I make dinner and I don't have to be consistently worried he is going to choke. The mesh net doesn't allow any chunks to come through.

Plastic Easter Eggs: Since this is a list of both mine and Trackers favorite things I had to include his most favorite toy this month. Since the day I got out all our Easter eggs he has been in egg heaven. They are the perfect size for his tiny chubby hand. We put random objects inside so they make noise when shakes them. He plays with them everywhere including the bath. They are perfect to float and made this last month extra Easter festive with a million eggs strew throughout the house.

EOS Lip Balm: This is for all the adults. Where has this been all my life? This is the absolute best lip balm ever. I have one on me at all times. Once you pick one up you will never let it go.

B. One Two Squeeze Blocks: I love all the B. products. Seriously the cutest toys ever. These blocks are so fun to stack and knock down. Tracker is all about throwing these across the room. 

Books with Sound: We love books and the older Tracker is getting the more he loves story time. I bought a couple of these books with sound and he cant get enough. He gets so excited he starts panting like a dog. Cutest thing ever. He will grab at the book and pushes the buttons I point to. He is at the perfect age to introduce these.


Clement Park Ward Youth Trek said...

Those sleeveless onesies are such a good idea! I still always put a onesie on under everything Jack wears, and I'm sure he gets a little warmer than he might prefer. I'll have to find those!

Michelle said...

Thank you for these monthly favorites posts. I've got two grandbabies due real soon and plan on referring back to your posts to help my daughters choose things that will make their lives easier raising babies.


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