Friday, January 22, 2010


Dear Friends-
Today is the last day you can vote to help the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation get the money from the JP Morgan Chase to help in the fight to cure SMA.
I am begging everyone of you out there- whether you know me, just stumbled across this blog or whatever to please take just a second and vote. Please vote!
If you have already voted- Please vote one last time.
This will help other children like Makenzie get a second chance.
This could help another Mother and Father out there hold onto their baby a little longer.
This could help another child out there hold onto their Mom and Dad a little longer.
I wish I could feel my little girl.
I wish she could squeeze my checks.
I wish I could kiss her face.
No child should have to deal with that pain.


Molly said...

just voted;)
still thinking about you guys.

Kelly said...

Kendra -
I had to come visit and tell you I am SO sorry for the loss of your daughter. I had never heard of SMA until this week and it is just horrible. I can't imagine losing a child and I am praying God's comfort on you tonight.

Barry and Jeanni said...

Just voted! I wanted to give you another blog to visit- it is she lost her 16 month old daughter to a drowning- She has started a blog for angel mothers only and you can request her to send you a link. this way you can reach out to others who personally know your pain- HUGS


have you heard the song by Toby Keith , Crying for me? It's an amazing song and every time I hear it I think of you. I hope your haning in there.
Always in my prayers.

H@ll! said...

Kendra, such a sweet, sweet picture. I absolutely love it! You can see the love she had for you in her eyes, and in her hands. She loved you so very much! Then you in giving the sweet kiss of a mother. Such a precious picture! i know you'll cherish it always. I wanna give you a hug and sit down and cry with you some days. i wish there was something i could do. I do pray for you, and if you need to talk I'm here although you hardly know me, I'm here. I'll continue to pray.

Andrea said...

I just love the picture that you posted it such shows the love you both had for each other. I think of you often wondering how you are doing. Keeping you in my prayers. If there is anything that I could do to help you please let me know. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

Julia said...

sweet kendra-

will you email me @

all my love to you and you are on my mind constantly. want to meet for lunch sometime?


Cassidy Ratliff said...

This is the most precious picture I think I have ever seen. I think you did a great job at capturing the best moments. It is an inspiration to me!! Thank you!


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