Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kenzie Day

the 13th was the worse day of my life. i hate that number and i hate that day. i realized that every month there will be a 13th day. there will be 5:25pm.
instead of crawling under the covers and hating life i decided i needed to get out and celebrate the beautiful life i was given. the life of my makenzie rye.
the 13th of every month is kenzie day.
month 1 = ice skating
ALL of our family came.
they are so amazing. we had a blast. walked away with only 1 person splitting their chin open-
can you guess who-
yes.. dboy..
poor kid, didn't even cry just walked off the ice and waited for ry and i to come back around.
The kids had a blast and I know Kenzie had a ball watching everyone have so much fun.


Alerie said...

This looks like so much fun!! I am a horrible ice skater. I would fall every foot if I wasn't holding on to someone. I thought about you, Ryan and Makenzie all day yesterday. I am glad you and your family got out and did something and I am glad you have such supportive family surrounding you. My heart goes out to you!!

Alana said...

Thanks for the fun 1st Kenzie Day. We had so much fun, my girls woke up still talking about it, they probably dreamed about it! We look forward to the next Kenzie Day!

TMI Tara said...

What a beautiful way to honor Makenzie's memory every 13th. I'm sure it is just what she would want - to have everyone together celebrating life and enjoying one another. You're an amazing person, Kendra. xo

Sam and Julie said...

I hope that by writing this, Im not taking anything away from Kenzie Day. It sounded like the perfect way to celebrate her beautiful life - fun, spunky and together with all those who loved her. Im so glad you celebrated her life today and I wish I had been there to celebrate, too. I don’t want to remind you of anything but her life, but I thought that it was more than a coincidence that on Kenzie Day, one of my friends here in California whose daughter is struggling survive with SMA, sent me the following email.

“Researchers at UC Irvine are really REALLY close to a cure for SMA, but they need funding to push it towards FDA approval. JP Morgan Chase Bank has committed to donating $5 million dollars to non-profit organizations and through a Facebook voting system, the voting for the BIG prize $1,000,000 (yes, one million) starts tomorrow, Friday, January 15th, 2010. We are asking that everyone go to the polls and vote for GSF so we can win and donate the money to end this cruel disease.

This is important for one main reason, $1,000,000 towards SMA research could actually END THIS DISEASE. Not "get the ball rolling" on research, not "hope for a cure," but actually end it. And, most importantly in my eyes, it could save the lives of children who currently have SMA. The research that is so close to FDA approval is one that could affect babies who already have SMA, and could completely remove them from symptoms.

Here are some facts:
Dr. Kierstad (UC Irvine) has dedicated his life to spinal cord injuries. He has already successfully performed a lab experiment on mice that allowed the previously-paralyzed animals to literally get up and walk. He is now focusing on SMA research. It is his belief that a groundbreaking surgery could allow the body to re-build the proteins that are missing in children with SMA.

Money is holding back a cure. Other diseases, such as breast cancer and AIDS, have massive amounts of funding and research behind them, but "cures" are still unknown. The "cure" for SMA is just around the corner, but nothing can be done until the funds are there to continue the research.

SMA is the #1 genetic killer of children under two years of age, and 1 in 40 adults (unknowingly) carry the gene to pass it on.

Voting is open (Jan 15 - Jan 22) and each person gets one vote per day. This is an effort sheerly driven by people voting: the GSF needs every single vote it can get. So, please, please, please, PLEASE vote and spread the word to every person you know.”

As you, more than anyone, can imagine, this mother is desperate. I cry as I write this, but I cant even think how different life would be for you if this cure was a possibility even six short months ago.

Would you mind using to amazing power you have with all your followers to write about this and help, too? I cant think of anything more perfect than for all those who love Kenzie to vote in her name this week to get that money and cure this awful disease in her name. What a miracle that would be.

To vote, go to

Jenni said...

That's awesome guys!!! What a great thing to do. I bet it makes things just a little more...tolerable(???) on a very difficult day. I still think of you guys often. I've been enjoying Amy's marriage blog too. Thanks for sharing your lives with us all!!! Hugs from SLC, Utah! :)

starnes family said...

What a fantastic celebration of life. You are loved!

Emma said...

What a beautiful way to celebrate Kenzie's life! I am so glad you have such a great support system surrounding you, lean on them, let them help you up and hold you up when you need it.

I just voted for GSF on facebook, I hope a cure, a miracle, happens soon! No family should ever have to go through what you are, I'm just sorry it wasn't sooner. I voted in memory of my friends little one, Georgia Lily, and Kenzie....they have taught us so much and touched me so deeply. Em

The Pachuilo Family said...

What a great way to always remember her.
Your a strong and amazing women, I have learned a lot from you and I thank you!

caitlin and brinton said...

How incredibly special! It's times like that when you must feel such gratitude that you have such a strong support system. I am sure Makenzie is so happy you did it.

Krystle Cordingley said...

I just happened upon your blog through the Sullengers blog, and wanted to tell you how bad my heart aches for you. Your little Mckenzie has a lot of the same looks as my little Addyson has. I can't help but thing that your little Mckenzie sent my little Addyson to us in January 13, 2011. The way that you describe the things that Mckenzie would do it reminds me a lot of what Addy does. I can try and imagine what it would be like to lose my little girl, but I know that I have no idea. I want you to know that I will pray for you often, and think of you. As a mother I send my deepest sympathies, as well as gratefulness for Mckenzie sending me my angel on the 13th. You may read this and think I'm crazy, but just a little bit about me. I spent many days in PMCMC with my little brother. I saw families and kids, and it still breaks my heart to think about all the people suffering every day there. It doesn't matter how many fish they paint on the wall, it still is one of the saddest places in the world. Anyway, I hope that the 13th of January every year can bring you a little smile because I believe that Mckenzie told our heavenly father to send Addy on that day.


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