Thursday, November 20, 2014

Its a Circus

I start thinking about Halloween costumes on October 31st... of last year... 
Id have an idea come to mind and try to put together how we could pull it off. This year my brilliant idea that I had thought about for months prior was thrown out the window the moment I found a lion mane for Harley. I didn't think twice before ordering it. 
I didn't know what Tracker would be for a while. 
I was far to excited for what Harley would be. 
Isn't that sad?! Sorry Tman. 
I saw a couple outfits at the store (in the little girls department) and the Strongman idea came to mind. I envisioned getting those fake sleeve tattoos for Tracker or putting a bazillion temporary ones on his arms but he cried bloody murder when I put the fake sleeve on him and he sat there pulling away cursing me when I was putting the temporary tattoos on him yelling "owieeee" 
(like he was getting a real tattoo, not even exaggerating) 
so I threw out both those ideas and just kept it simple. Not sure what I was thinking as far as Halloween night is cold and he wouldn't be able to wear a tank top around the neighborhood so his costume would definitely be covered up. Oh well. 
Its all about the picture and not really Halloween night, right?!
So I present you with the Tamed Lion and Strongman.
Don't let Harley's face fool you, she loves every minute of being dressed up- Its all about the attention for that dog. She soaks it up big time.
-sorry about the billion pictures of the same pose but I seriously need to document every single one because I might have pee'd myself a little laughing the entire time I took them-

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Calling Daddy

We are not big fans of Ryan being out of town. 
Tracker and I do take advantage of eating out more, sleeping in the same bed, doing extra 1x1 activities to pass the time but we sure miss that main man in our life. 
Tracker is obsessed with his Daddy. He knows what time he should be home and starts asking for him right at 6:00 every night. The week Ryan was gone every night was spent very sad wondering the house yelling "Daddy where arz youuu" It was heartbreaking and I may have been a little emotional about it. Seriously It was so sad. We tried to be gone most of the night just so he didn't do this as much. We would FaceTime with Ryan before bed each night and that was literally the highlight of this boys life. He took the phone from me and wondered around the house telling Ryan stories. Ryan would get the gist with most of his words but he didn't see much of Tracer as the phone was mainly held against his ear or pointing at the ceiling.. Such a silly boy. 
My phone was nearly ruined with the amount of slobber soaked into it from all the kisses Tracker smothered Ryan with. He is very good at making that kissing noise so it sounded like a full on make out sesh. Ryan and I couldn't stop laughing because every night was the same. 
and yes he does the same thing to Ryan in person every night when he gets home from work. Its one of my most favorite sights to see. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Painting Pumpkins

This is our second year attending Grandma Diane's Halloween party via FaceTime. 
Tracker and Harley were all dressed and ready to party. We had fun seeing all the kids and their costumes. Watching everyone eat and do Grandmas annual trick or treat throughout her house. It was all fun but Tracker was getting slightly bored just watching so he ended up painting pumpkins while watching everyone. He got so into it and loved painting 3 different pumpkins. It started with one but slowing one by one another ended up on the table. I painted one for Kenzie. I was a bit sad we didn't end up carving any this year but Tracker didn't know the difference so all was fine. Ryan was out of town for work so he missed all the fun anyway.


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