Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tracker Kent 27 Months

Favorite Foods: Squash, Apple Sauce, Samich (Sandwich), Milk, Ice Water, Fish Crackers, M&M's, Scrambled Eggs.
Favorite Book: Any book he has to find the hidden pictures. 
Favorite Toy: Planes, Trains and Cars.
Injuries: Nothing more than the usual scraps and bruises daily. 
Height: 36" Weight: 34lbs

This and That...

. I fear to say anything but I think we are slowly moving past the food strike and he is eating more and more.
. We have really been working on his letters and he can identify most all of them. He has trouble with E, M, N and Y (Y he calls a V so he is close).
. He is has to do more things on his own without any help from us which is fun to see sometimes and really frustrating at others.
. He is really into the talk of Santa, Christmas and Reindeer. He loves to scream out SANTA whenever we see him anywhere but seeing him in person was still scary.
. He loves to play with the nativity we have and I am always on the hunt for Baby Jesus.
. He will tell me that Kenzie is with Baby Jesus.
. He loves to watch Makenzies videos and will laugh and laugh throughout it.
. We have been talking about her a lot more lately hoping he will really understand who she is.
. He loves to give Mickey kisses on the iPad.
. He is slightly afraid of the dried leaves that crunch when you walk on them.
. This colder weather has been hard on everyone to not be outside as much. We are really missing the park and swings and long walks.
. Every time we go to the mall he asks for the horse so every time he gets to ride the horse before we leave.
. If anyone says ouch or oh no or anything really even if he isn't in the same room he comes running to you and says "oh sorry!". 
. He is very good at helping his friends if they fall, get hurt feelings or are doing something they shouldn't be doing. He herds them around like cattle making sure I have an eye on them at all times.
. He gets soooo excited every morning waiting for his friends to come over and watches out the window until they arrive.
. New favorite craft activity is painting.
. Loves play dough.
. Loves playing with the magnets on the magnet board in the hall.
. When Ryan kisses him he says his beard tickles.
. Loves setting up his trains and gets really upset when they don't stay connected.
. Goes down for a nap really really well and is going down for bed a lot better but still comes into our room every single night.
. Wakes in the morning around 6:30am.
. Goes to bed around 8:30-9:00 pm.
. Whenever you are out of the room from him longer than 30 seconds he runs around screaming your name looking for you then says "Mama I miss You" while hugging you like he hasn't seen you in days.
. Is just barely saying "I love you" and will say it all the time, Its the best sound in the world.
. Loves doing body slam with Daddy and has to do it daily. 
. Loves his animals and knows what each of them are. He has quite the collection now and can't get enough of them.
. Had the best time with Grandma and Papa. He was on cloud 9 the entire visit and wouldn't leave either of them alone for more than a few minutes. He loves them so much and it was so cute to see.
. When we try to explain that Papa is Daddy's Daddy he says "No No No.. Das not Daddys. Das Papa" Its funny to see how his mind works and is trying to make sense of everything.
. The same thing happens when we say that Makenzie is your big sister. He says "No No No Das my baby".
. We like to get Harley excited and hyper because she does funny things like chase her tail or start jumping as high as she can so when we do this Tracker is right there saying "Ready Set, Hardee- GO GO GO!" He says it so fast it nearly sounds like one word but you know exactly what he is saying. Its so funny how into it he gets.
. He is always smothering Harley with loves and wanting to wrestle. and that dog is so sweet about it.
. Loves his basketball and wants to take it everywhere.
. Sleeps with his Kenzie Bear and Moose Moose every night.
. Tried to make him another "special blanket" which was exactly like his real special blanket but he knew the difference and will scream and cry saying "no don't like it" until we take it away.
. Hasn't bothered the tree at all. Loves to point at the different ornaments but that's it.
. Actually listens really well and knows what is right and wrong and usually only has to be told once.
. His latest word he uses ALL the time is What but it sounds like "Vot". He says it when you call his name, ask him to do something or tell him no. Its pretty hilarious. 
. "I-ta Queen" is how he says "Lightning McQueen".
. "Pens Fire Da Rescue" is how he says "Planes Fire and Rescue" and he has to say the entire name.
. He says Mickey Mouse perfect and has to say Mickey Mouse not just Mickey.
. Loves to find himself in pictures and screams "oohh das Chaka".
. Plays the owie, oops, oh sorry game a lot by pretending to run into something or bonk his head.
. Looks to the side when he throws a ball or gets ready to jump off something. Not sure what that's about but its so funny.
. Says "Oh wow, Das cool" All the time for everything. I put his food in front of him and he says that. 
. He also says "Oh so cute" a lot. I think I say those things far to much.
. He is starting to say to us whenever we get something done "Oh wow wow I's prowd you" which I also say quite a bit to him and when he says it to us I melt.
. Ryan has started school and is doing online classes now. He gets home from work long enough to eat wrestle for a few minutes with Tracker then hides in the back room for the rest of the night so its been really hard on all of us to not see each other at all. but Tracker understands and when Daddy is at "skewl" he will walk really quietly past the office door when he remembers but otherwise he stands at the door banging on it begging his Daddy to "open it. Come out Daddy. Come out!"
Its pretty heartbreaking. and he knows he can't do that because he waits until I am looking away for a second to run and do it. 
. His bravery is growing more and more and giving me more and more anxiety.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving/ Santa/ Grandma & Papa

Grandma and Papa came to visit us for Thanksgiving this year.
We were pretty excited to have them all to ourselves.
They arrived Thanksgiving day. 
Ryan and I prepared a traditional feast for them and they brought the pies and rolls.
When they showed up Tracker ran out the door to great them which was pretty cute.
We spent the day eating, watching football and relaxing. We had so much food and were stuffed.
The day was beautiful and warm so Tracker got to spend some time outside on his playground, running around the yard and just enjoying the sun. Its been a while since we have had a day like that so it was heavenly.
We didn't end up doing any black Friday shopping which I didn't think I would miss but kind of did. I think going out can be more exciting than even buying sometimes. Oh well there is always another year. Friday morning we went to visit the carousel of dreams where Ryan won a free ride. Woohoo!
Then we headed to see Santa.
There is a place by us that has reindeer which Tracker loved. While we waited in line he was so excited to be looking at Santa. He was smiling and had no worry until it was his turn to sit on his lap. He walked up to him but when we put him on his lap he freaked out.
He was trying to get away but the lady taking the picture took forever so we had to keep putting him back on his lap which just pissed him off even more. It was still pretty hilarious to watch.
Ryan and Randy took him to feed the fish after which he loved.
We ran a few more errands before we headed back home.
We made dinner and played phase 10 for several hours. 
again eating our weight in left over snacks.
Saturday we went to Country Mercantile to get a few things for Christmas presents.
That evening we watched a movie and played phase 10 again until the wee hours of the morning.
Playing any game with Ryan's Dad is pure comedy. He is so competitive and often times cheats. Its always funny when we can catch him cheating because he starts laughing so hard he nearly cries which makes all of us laugh.
Sunday morning we took his parents to breakfast at a new place we found. Tracker had the absolute best time with them. He wouldn't leave them alone and was constantly asking for them to "Come here" and play with him. They read him books for hours, played on the floor with his trains for days. It was definitely a great visit for everyone.
When we had to say goodbye Tracker was NOT happy.
Luckily we only have to wait 5 days before we get to see them again.

My sweet Mama made sure to decorate my girls spot with the Thanksgiving stuff we sent her.
Tracker had fun coloring some presents for her. Sure wish I could be there decorating her spot myself. Maybe someday we will live close to her again.
We sent her Thanksgiving balloons but the wind was actually so strong when we sent them that I didn't get a good picture.


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