Thursday, January 14, 2010

28 years young

January 12th marks the very special birthday of my beautiful sister J!
she is simply amazing.
she is sweet, hilarious, outgoing, adventurous and gorgeous.
i love her so much.
For her 28th bday we had to make it a night to remember.
karaoke+hannah montana = the best night.
we told everyone to come dressed like hannah or someone else on her show. they had to bring jill a present that had to do with hannah montana as well.
we danced, sang and laughed all night long.


derek, allie, emma , & bradyn said...

I'm loving that picture of Ryan!

Happy Birthday Jill - the party looks like you all had a good time.

starnes family said...

Happy Birthday! Sisters are the best!

H@ll! said...

I love that girl. Happy Birthday, Jill!

Sabrina said...

Happy belated birthday Jilly! I love you! And you're so sweet Kendra, to throw such a cute part for her. I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Holy Moly Jilly is 28?
Hi Kendra!! I think of you all the time, I may not comment alot on your blog, but I do read it and I do think about my Utah family all the time.

I hope to come out in April for Gram's B-day I hope I get a chance to see you.

Jenn Gott Louie


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