Monday, November 12, 2012

2 Months

We have a 2 month old in the house.
He is growing soooo fast... Way to fast. 

2 month Tracker:
12.7 lbs
23.5 inches
0-3 month
Size 1 or 1/2 from costco
The majority of the month his sleep situation didn't change much but this last week has been a bit different. Lets hope it sticks. I start his night time routine between 8-9 depending on how tired he is acting and if we are busy doing things. I will go faster or take our time depending on when we start as well. He gets a bath in the kitchen sink, lotion, tickles, jammies, story and finally food. I nurse him until he sucks me dry and then he gets a 2oz bottle. I try to keep him somewhat awake until 9:30-10:00. He is completely passed out when I take him to his room but as soon as I lay him down he is wide away. Which is what I want. That way he goes to sleep on his own. He doesn't like the binky at night so he just lays there with his soothing sounds and drifts off to sleep. He wakes between 2-4 and eats a tiny bit. Usually has a blow out. Then goes right back to sleep. (which I cant believe my frantic rushing him to the bathroom sink to wash him down doesn't wake him up for the day) He wakes for the day between 6-9am. Its kind of a gamble every night what times he wakes but with only 1 feeding at night and him going right back to sleep. I feel like a whole new women. Its amazing. and middle of the night snuggles are pretty much my favorite. No matter how sleepy I am. I love kissing those lips and snuggling him close.
Holy Milk. This kid is always hungry. I try my very best to keep him on a 3 hour schedule. No matter what time he gets his first feed in the morning we usually end up on the 9 -12 -3 -6 -9 schedule during the day. The last couple weeks there is at least 1-2 times a day he needs food in the middle of that 3 hour stretch but is usually pretty good about holding off. He nurses but seriously empties me. So I will either skip a nurse feeding and give him a bottle to try and stock up my supply for the next feeding or I will nurse and then give him a bottle after. He is getting formula bottles a day. I don't have any schedule on those. I try to hold off on them but if he is still hungry I feed the kid. We tried to switch his formula this month for a gentle one hoping that could help with all his gas but he didn't do well on it. He had horrible diarrhea and cried much more than before. The day we switched back he stopped the rhea and was much happier.
Being talked to. Bouncing. Laying on the flat floor- no big plush mats... Just the floor and a small blanket. He loves to be snuggled by his mum. He loves when his talk tickles his chin and growls at him. He loves warm baths, going on walks, hanging outside, watching us walk around the room, his bouncer when he is bouncing really fast and sometimes his swing when its on the highest setting and he is extra sleepy. Getting his hair combed. Binky and his thumb.
The mamaroo still. I am pushing it but he is not loving it so much.  Sitting still. He has to be moving. When you sit down with him. If you leave the room and he cant see you. When the dog barks. Wind. Having a poopy butt. Shopping. Having his arms constricted in anyway. Strong scents. 
When its too dark.

I cant believe how much I adore this little person.
He is the sweetest.
He has the most kissable lips and cheeks. I love when he snuggles into my neck. I just stop whatever I am doing when he does it because I don't want it to end.
His legs are always moving when he is laying down. 
Ryan and I joke they look like little grasshopper legs.
Speaking of legs. His thighs are getting so chubby. He has rolls. Makenzie never had rolls so we are going nuts over the cuteness.
He is doing awesome holding his head up. He holds it up when you have him on your shoulder, when you face him out to see the world, when we practice sitting up, tummy time and the couple times we have put him in the bumbo. 
He has some serious lungs. The boy can scream. and scream he does. I swear I am getting pretty good at identifying his screams... hungry, tired and scared. People think I'm nuts that I think he gets scared but I swear he does. and he gets scared every time I am gone away from him too long. Maybe its in my head but I think he has separation anxiety from me... Or maybe I have it from him. Either way- we don't leave each others side more than a bathroom break.
Ryan has been talking about going on a date--- just him and I. and I am trying really hard to gear up for that day. I cant even think about it right now. I start hyperventilating. 
I have issues.
He is starting to not love his car seat as much. He is fine if we are moving but he isn't content to just chill in it like before. This is another thing that is so similar with Kenzie. This was the same age she started hating the carseat as well.
He loves sitting in his bouncer on the counter in the kitchen while I cook. He sits under the pots and pans we have hanging and he wont take his eyes off them.
He is so alert and awake during the day. He just wants to see the world.
He is not on a regular napping schedule. It changes everyday.
I try to get him to nap at least one 2-3 hour stretch and than any amount of little naps I can get in. but seriously the kid just wants to experience it all. We go shop or drive or whatever and he is just watching everything around him. I love having him awake but it makes it tough to get work done. 
I am working from home which I love because it allows me to not ever leave my bebe. Thank God.
Tracker is getting better at being put down during the day to just kick is legs, exercise his neck, stretch. and it helps me hurry and get stuff done around the house.
He smiles so much and giggles like crazy.
Ryan and I are always battling at who can get him to giggle the most. 
Ryan usually wins. but I usually win at the amount of smiles he gives.
He coos a lot and is always staring at Makenzies pictures.
Its so sweet. He will spot her picture from across the room and wont take his eyes off her. He loves watching her videos as well. You can tell he knows her.
I am doing my best to keep Tracker a binky baby and not a thumb sucker. Not that I really care but later down the road it will be easier to take away a binky than to stop him from sucking his thumb. 
but I am starting to lose that battle. He is getting better and better at controlling his hand and getting that thumb in there. I honestly love it and think its the cutest thing ever.
I still have not started him on the babywise stuff... Part of sleep training is letting them cry it out for short periods... Well people I just haven't been able to get myself to do it. I cant let this boy cry if I can help it. It completely brakes my heart.  I really think when he gets a little bigger it will be easier but right now I just cant do it.  I just worry I am hurting him more by not getting him into good napping habits. Ah this parenting stuff is hard. Never know what to do. 
He sleeps with his arms straight out and uncovered. His hands are always cold in the morning when I come to get him. 

This little boy is our world. He makes me smile every second I am around him.
I love having a mess of a house. I love having bottles fill the sink. I love tripping over all the giant baby accessories throughout the house. I love that laundry is never done with those tiny little clothes. I love the smell. I love constantly picking up blankets and socks. I love running out of diapers and whips. These are all reminders that he is here. That he is in our home. That he is growing. That he is apart of this family. This is the very best. This is what life is about. 
Loving someone else. Him. With all my heart. Helping him grow. Teaching him. Showing him what life is. Comforting him. Giving him my entire heart. 


Tasha said...

I followed a link from a friend's blog to yours, and read a bit of your story. I am so happy you have a beautiful little boy and he has a wonderful big sister watching over him.

I hope you don't mind but I wanted to stick my nose in with a little nursing advice. I know you said he is a big eater but skipping a nurse to stock up your supply for the next feeding will actually decrease your supply. The more he nurses the more your body will know to make more milk. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with doing a formula/breastmilk combo, just offering some info in case you wanted to know.

Sorry if I over stepped - I just had my first son five months ago and that advice was the biggest help to me with nursing because I was worried I wouldn't have enough milk either!!

Shanna said...

I can't believe how much he's changed since his one month pic! So cute!!

Aly said...

okay, i really don't have any business offering advice since i don't know you and you didn't ask, but i have done a ton of reading and research on nursing since having my son 8 months ago. maybe you already know what i'm going to tell you, but there's a chance you don't and i want to help you nurse as long as you want to!

every time you "skip a feeding" and/or offer a bottle (esp without pumping), you are telling your body you don't need to make __ oz. so if you give him a bottle of 3 oz, you're telling your body not to make those 3 oz. every ounce he removes from you, your body will continue to make. as long as he has 5-6 wet diapers a day, your supply is just fine. babies naturally want to suck, and naturally are fussy (especially at 2 months old!!) and it is not related to your supply. your boobs always have milk-i've heard it described as a water fountain. he may have to work harder to get it, but it is there and you're never empty.

again, you may have already read through these, but i'm going to leave you some very helpful links. i don't like kellymom for the attachment parenting side, but i do like it for the breastfeeding help.

i'm also a huge babywise fan, but it emphasizes to feed your baby when he's hungry. especially in the early months it can be every 2 hours, or even more often with all of the growth spurts! helps a lot with bw concerns. i looked at that blog a ton in the first several months. but the more often you feed him, the higher your supply will be also.

i hope i am not coming off rudely! i really do just want to help. i love breastfeeding and unfortunately there are a lot of myths and misconceptions passed around today. he's a doll! good luck!

Anonymous said...

Love this baby. Such a good-looking little man. Enjoy, enjoy !

Ashley said...

Precious as always! Happy 2 months Tracker!

bows and more said...

Kendra you are a beautiful person and a wonderful mother! Tracker is so blessed to have a Mom like you! I am so happy to see you so happy :) Kelsi

Ryan.Kendra.Makenzie.Tracker said...

Thanks for your advice ladies. I guess I worded my post wrong. If I skip a feeding I pump and usually give him that the next feeding as well as whatever he eats to nurse. I know sounds weird but I'm just trying to figure it all out :)

Alerie said...

He's so adorable!! I loved this update on him. You're such a good mama!!


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