Saturday, November 17, 2012

2 month favorites

Fisher Price Comfy Time Bouncer - Coco Sorbe: Tracker has started to love his bouncer this last month. but he only loves it if we are right there with him bouncing it pretty hard. I am pretty good at bouncing it with my foot while I get ready in the morning, cook dinner or get some work done.

Bright Starts Lots of Links: What baby doesn't have these link things. but I love them right now. I string them across the swing or dangle them in from of him. I also take 1 of the links and help him hold it. He is doing great at griping, holding and moving it in front of his face. Its super light, has different textures and are in a lot of different colors.

Camelbak: I love my tumbler cups but this is so much easier when you are toting a newborn. Doesn't drip or spill when dropped and easier to take on the go.

Soothing Sounds Gentle Giraffe On the Go Stuffed Animal by cloud b: We love this thing. I wasn't sure if we would use one of these before Tracker was born but have since been sold on how amazing it is. There are 4 different sounds but we only use the heartbeat one. It helps soothe Tracker to sleep when he goes down for the night.

Dr. Brown's BPA Free: We have a whole array of bottles in this house. We went through just about every kind you can imagine with Makenzie so we had quite the supply ready for Tracker. With all of Trackers gas problems we started right off with the Dr. Brown bottles as they are known for helping gas and colic problems. They are amazing. We ran out of clean ones and used a different bottle and immediately he was choking on the nipple and to much milk. They are a little more time consuming to clean but we have figured out a system. 

Lovin Hug Swing by Graco: We have had this swing since Makenzie. That's why its pretty girly :)
She hated it. She cried every time she was in it. We thought about selling the swing before Tracker was born thinking he wouldn't like it either but decided to wait and see.  I am sooo thankful we waited. I usually put him in this when he is extra sleepy during the day and it rocks him right to sleep and he takes great naps in it. Again with this fast moving kid-- we have to have it on the highest setting. The noises/music that it comes with is pretty lame. We never turn it on because it just annoys us all.

Trumpette Skater Johnnys (0-12 M): I love these socks. Now that his feet are growing the gerber socks are to small and I haven't found any others that stay on his feet like trumpette socks do.  Plus they are so cute. There is only so many accessories for boys so I am all about the cute socks. We have a few different Trumpette sets but the skater ones are my favorite. They can be kind of expensive but keep an eye out when you see them on sale. Usually online. 

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Loving Life said...

We bought a bouncer at Target and it actually bounces by itself. It was nice not having to use my foot to bounce it! Lol! Love the little socks too!


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