Thursday, May 28, 2009

books books books = to prepare me for the babe

For the last 7ish months I have been striving to learn all I can on being a parent. What I should and shouldn't do. What I should know during pregnancy. What I need to know after the baby comes. etc. etc. etc.
I realized the other day- WOW... I think I should start my own baby book store!
(NOT all but most of my collection so far)

Books I loved:
* Highly recommend this book. Cant wait to put it to good use!
* The honest truth! Pregnancy is not SEXY so don't be surprised by all the changes.

Books that had good info:
Books that had good info but I really could have gone without reading them:

Book that helped the hubby (and me)

My pregnancy journal... Had some good info each week but really was a waste of my $$

My monthly magazines that I have subscribed to:

Our baby name book:

I am now to the point I am so overwhelmed with all different types of information that I don't think ill read anymore. I have certain things I want to make sure and incorporate into my baby's world and certain things I don't. I hope that "motherly instinct" really does kick in for me once baby GIRL comes and a lot of those things that are not written in books will run somewhat smooth. I am very lucky to have such awesome family and friends that have also been so willing to give me any advice I need and answer all my weird and sometimes embarrassing questions.


Gaspegirl said...

I am laughing a little over here as I did the same thing with my first pregnancy! I read and read and read some more to try and prepare myself for the life changing experience that I was going to face. The truth is that your motherly insticts will be overflowing once you have that beautiful baby girl in your arms - how do I know??? Because they are already in overdrive (thus the purchasing of those books and the desire to be the best Mom you can be!). Don't worry girl - you love song will just get even more beautiful once the precious angel arrives.

Caitlin & Brinton said...

Holy crap you've been busy!!! You'll do great, don't stress!


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