Friday, May 8, 2009

1 day - 1 night down!

That's my Ry feeding the goats in Tropic Utah-
One of his most favorite places to be.
That's where he is now :(
I'm only sad because I'm not there with him!
Its a guys little getaway and girls are NOT allowed!
For those out there that have a husband who hunts- you know- this is a year round sport.
There are no breaks because when one season ends another begins.
I didn't understand this until I was slapped in the face by hunting reality shortly after we were married. Over the last 2 1/2 years I have grown to understand my husbands love for it and that to him- its much more than just HUNTING. Its the freedom he feels and the peace he feels while out in the wild. He loves to be with his Dad-Brother-Friends... its a time he remembers his Grandpa the most.
I however have to say- I'm still a disaster anytime he leaves. I have always had HORRIBLE separation anxiety my whole life and it has only become worse since I have been married. I have a few panic attacks before the leaves then once he is gone- lets just say- its not pretty!
Ryan left yesterday. So far- I'm surprised with how good I'm doing. I told myself this time, I really need to find a way to deal with this esp now with a baby on the way. I cant pass on all my outrageous tendencies to her!
So day 1 and night 1 down!
Good thing Harley has been keeping me company!


Caitlin & Brinton said...

Sometimes it sucks having them gone, other times it's actually pretty nice :) I hope you can enjoy it a little bit with some time alone. But hope he gets back soon!

Stephan & Michelle said...

Stephan doesnt hunt, but he works graves and works 12 hr shifts, and I work days. And I have seperation anxiety about it to, expectially at nights. But me and my dog are starting to see how much room we have in are bed now, so thats kinda a up part lol!


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