Friday, December 13, 2013

4 years down...

Thank You for every morning. Every night. Every smile. Every laugh.
Thank you for fighting.
Thank you for not giving up until we were ready.
Thank you for choosing us.
Thank you for your life. 

I pray your special day in Heaven is full of joy, giggles, peace, freedom and endless LOVE.
Dad, Mum and Tracker are counting down the days until we are together again.
This is your day my Love.
Its the day that marks the beginning of your freedom.
Now Makenzie- continue running, jumping and BREATHING in Freedom!
I LOVE you to the Moon.


Krysti said...

Thinking of your precious family this day! Praying the good memories will shadow the painful ones and rejoicing in Kenzie's freedom!!

Trinity said...

My heart ached for you and your family last night as I said my prayers. I prayed for you and your family and your sweet children. I pray that you may have strength this day and all the days to come and to know and understand that you are loved, thought of and that your little girl does not go unforgotten. May God bless you, console you and bring you a sense of peace and joy in knowing that your daughter anxiously awaits your reunion. I love your posts and sincere love and understanding of earthly life and a life here after. Thank you for helping me to strive to be a better more patient mom.

Trinity said...

I have to agree with the title to your next post. What a beautiful life. It still amazes me that I do not personally know you or your family, but you have completely touched my heart. I think of you often and hope and pray for you and your sweet family.


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