Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter 2015

I love that my family still continues to have their Easter egg hunt at the cemetery. I can't wait to be back there for these hunts again. We always FaceTime so we can feel like we are there as well. 
I love seeing my nieces and nephews so excited about all the treats they are getting. I miss it so much.
We went to a Easter Egg hunt my friend hosted on Saturday. Tracker was so excited and loved finding as many eggs as possible. He also loved getting to ride around in the car behind a mower. All the kids lined up and waited for their turn over and over. Tracker spent most of his time on the trampoline. 
Easter Sunday was not the best day in our house. We had a rough start with one thing after another going wrong. Track and I made it to church and heard a beautiful message. They had a fun Easter hunt after service which made Trackers day. Later in the day we got our act together and got Tracks Easter stuff out and let him go to town. We colored eggs and had a nice Easter dinner. Our friends the Fifes came over for a little Easter hunt with the kids and we sent balloons to our girl. We made sure to express our love for our savior who made it possible for our family to be together again someday.
On Monday (yes after Easter) I did my Easter party with my babysitting kiddos. It was a lot of fun and the kids had a ball. Lots of games and treats and singing and playing. Tracker dressed as a Lightning McQueen race car driver for the day which is like 5 sizes to big but goodness I love it.

What is Easter to me? Its a promise. Its a day HE finished it. HE made it right. HE made it so there isn't an end. HE rose. My relationship with HIM isn't even close to where it should be.  I blame HIM and I'm made at HIM and I yell at HIM and I ignore HIM far to often. I am trying. I always come back to HIM. I believe there is a promise. I hold every. single. breath on the hope and faith of it. because it means there will be a day we are together again. 

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Paige said...

I can't believe how big Tracker is!! I have watch him grow from your belly to now. I've been reading your blog since before he was even thought of :-) I missed your updates...glad y'all are doing well!


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